General Psychic FAQs: Answers to Random Questions

Different types of readings lend themselves to different FAQs, which is why I have separate posts that deal with common questions that are specific to Mediumship Readings, Romance Readings and Paranormal Investigations. This list of FAQs covers topics that often come up during General Psychic Readings, as well as other random questions that I have been asked since becoming a professional psychic medium. Some of them may help you to decide whether or not to book a reading that focuses on the future, some may enlighten you about the psychic world, and others may simply make you chuckle.


Do you use Tarot cards during readings?

No. I read Tarot cards for family and friends for 30-plus years before I became a professional psychic medium, but I no longer use them for one simple reason... my Spirit Guides can simply show me one during a reading to get a message across. I still, however, think they are an incredibly useful tool when it comes to developing your own intuition. One of the homework assignments in my book, Madame Medium: Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium, centers around them, and I wrote a blog post, Tarot 101: It's in the Cards, to help introduce others to this tool of the trade.

I want to know about my future health, career and/or love life. Should I go to a psychic or a medium (What's the difference)??? 

All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. A psychic is able to gather general information about the past, present or future from the World Wide Web of the Spirit World (which I call The Spiritnet), but they are not able to communicate directly with your deceased loved ones. A medium (sometimes called an evidential medium) is able to connect with your departed loved ones and provide clear and consistent proof of this communication during a reading. Some psychics who are not mediums call themselves intuitives, and some mediums leave out the word psychic because they focus only on connecting you with the spirits of your loved ones (and do not offer general psychic readings which focus on the present and future). Bottom line, if you simply want to know about your health, career, love life and the future, you can choose either a psychic or a medium who offers both services. If you want to be certain to hear from your departed loved ones, make sure that you book an appointment with a reputable medium. For a more detailed explanation, read my blog post, Psychic? Medium? What's the Difference?.

Can you tell me if I am psychic?

Yes. I believe that we are all born with  some psychic ability (a sixth sense), but every once in a while I come across someone with more psychic ability (or potential ability) than most. If someone walks in and I see a purple aura around their head, I know this is the case. I am sometimes also shown that they see, hear or feel things the way that I do. More often than not, I see a yellow aura around clients, which indicates that they are an empath, or human energy sponge. Empaths are highly intuitive and can walk into a room and know exactly how each person is feeling without words being spoken. They will often base decisions on what they feel rather than what they think. I call them sponges because they not only read the energy of others, but take it on (and carry it around like extra baggage), usually without realizing it. If you think that you might be an empath and/or psychic, consider reading my book, Madame Medium: Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium. In it I not only explain what it means to be psychic and how to develop these abilities, but also offer an entire section on empaths and energy balancing. You can also find many of free resources on the Psychic Development Resource Page of my website.

Can you tell me when I will get married and how many kids I will have?

Usually. The closer you are to getting married and/or having children, the easier it is to do this. The reason for this is that although many of the experiences in our lives are predestined (many of us are meant to get married or be parents In order to learn life lessons that we signed up for before birth), there is still a lot that depends on free will and the choices that you make while getting to these milestones. If these events are a ways off, I am usually shown that you will get married or will have children, and perhaps even at what age and/or how many kids you'll have. Sometimes I am shown that these things are possibility, but only IF you take certain measures (go outside of your comfort zone and start taking some chances on love, for example).

Can you tell me the gender of my unborn child or grandchild?

Yes. If you come for a mediumship reading, your loved ones on the Other Side will usually show me what you are having and that they are happily caring for the souls of your future children while they wait to be born. If you come for a general psychic reading, my Guides will give me this information. The one exception to this is if someone (usually the parents-to-be) wish for the baby's gender to remain a surprise. If you want to know what your son or daughter is having but they don't want anyone to know, the Spirit World will respect their wishes and keep it under wraps. I am often shown that someone had, or will have, a Rainbow Baby (a baby after a pregnancy loss), as well as the sex of that baby as a means of validation and/or reassurance for you, a relative, or even a friend who has been through this traumatic event.

Can you tell me if my spouse will die before me? I'm hoping I get at least a few peaceful years without him/her.

This is a real question that I have been asked more than once. No. I cannot and will not tell you when you or your spouse will die. If you are so unhappy in the marriage that you are counting the days until your better (or worse) half is 6 feet under, I suggest that you spend your money on a divorce lawyer rather than a psychic.

Can you help me find my lost dog or cat?

Yes. It can be a bit tricky because once they get loose, I sometimes have to stay on their trail while they are on the move, but I once helped locate a dog several states away, in a city I had never been. I am usually shown important landmarks in these situations (look for a yellow house with a black car in the driveway, for example). It's much easier when they are indoors. My daughter once thought her cat had escaped outside because they had searched every corner of the house to no avail. I was shown that it was under the couch in the basement. They missed it the first time because the cat is black and it was super dark, but they eventually found him there... squeezed in somewhere behind the lining. Unless it is a dire situation, I don't usually get involved unless it is a friend or relative because it can take a lot of time (and cost you a lot of money).

Can you help find missing people or solve a crime?

I have never been called in to help on a missing persons case where the person was still living, but I have helped with a few police investigations. I find it easiest to help if the victim is deceased and can communicate the important information pertaining to the crime first hand. It is often the family of the deceased who enlists my help and then relays the information to the police. Once the information I get matches up with the investigation, the police start listening and ask for more details. During one recent case, the deceased named and described the prime suspect and gave me the month of their arrest three months before it happened, and the actual date of their arrest several days ahead (they were only off by 24 hours and the bail hearing occurred on the date specified). I offer investigative assistance on the Services & Rates Page of my website.

Please note that General Psychic & Romance Readings are sometimes unavailable, depending on my mediumship reading, paranormal investigation and writing schedule.


Do you wear a turban or use a crystal ball?

No to both. I have been gifted crystal balls as a nod to my profession, but I don't need any gimmicks to help me connect with the Spirit World. There’s nothing gimmicky about my wardrobe either. It hasn't changed much since the days when I taught high school, except that I usually wear a nice top and pajama bottoms if the reading is over Zoom!

Is the rest of your family psychic?

Although my grandmother received many visits from my grandfather after he died, I am the first person in my family with the gift of mediumship... but definitely not the last. My youngest daughter is much more comfortable with her abilities and the idea of following in my footsteps, but both of my girls have always been very sensitive to energy and instinctively know when something (or someone) is afoot. We can’t go on vacation, for example, without each of us independently sensing the same presence in the same area of our rented beach house. Only time will tell whether or not they decide to fully embrace and develop their gifts. In the meantime, it’s just nice being surrounded by people who “get me”.   

Is mediumship witchcraft?

Nope. Mediumship is the practice of mediating communication between the living and the dead. Witchcraft is the practice of magic and the use of spells. Although my job does feel magical at times (and I have been called a witch in more than one language by those on the Other Side who are clueless about my profession), I am not a Wiccan (a practicing witch), nor is there is any witchcraft, sorcery or conjuring of spells involved in anything that I do. Nothing against my Wiccan friends, that’s just not how I roll. There is nothing dark or scary about what I do, and I did not “sell my soul to the devil” in exchange for the gift of mediumship, it was given to me by God. The Bible refers to this ability as the gift of discernment. I communicate only with souls who walk in the White Light of God's love and divine protection, as well as those on the Other Side who wish to walk in this light, but need my help getting there. I pray to God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Saints and the Angels before every reading or paranormal investigation to ensure that I am protected from any of the dark or evil entities that exist. I have never, and would never, use my gift for anything that did not help people or contribute to the greater good.

How do you separate your own thoughts from the psychic information that you receive?

Although the information that I receive clairaudiently usually comes in the form of voices, it is never my own voice and it is often preceded by a physical sensation (specific tingles, twitches and pulses) that let me know to pay close attention or tune in. My Guides also take advantage of my previous career as a language teacher by sending me words or phrases in French or Spanish, making it more obvious that it is not simply a random thought of my own. It does take a while to trust these new voices, but once you get the hang of it (and are able to validate the predictions or personal information provided), it becomes second nature.

I have been experiencing the tingles, twitches and pulses that you just mentioned. What do they mean?

These physical sensations are often the Spirit World or Universe's way of getting your attention. If you are thinking about something (or someone) and get a tingling sensation, this might be a sign that someone is with you in spirit, or a confirmation of what you believe to be true. If your eyelid twitches at random times, start looking around when it happens and see if you notice any subtle (or not so subtle) "coincidences" or "signs" right in front of you (on tv, your phone or the book you are reading). If your ears keep popping for no reason, stop and listen... your Spirit Guides may have a message for you in the song that is playing on the radio. For a more detailed explanation of this phenomenon, check out my blog post about How Spirit Tries to Grab Our Attention.

I have been tapped on the shoulder or felt someone sit down on the bed next to me. How come I can feel spirits but cannot see them?

We are all born with different abilities and gifts. Math and Science come easily to some, while others excel at Music and Art with no real effort. I'm a decent artist and got all A's and B's in Math, until I hit a major mental wall with Trigonometry... but talking to dead people came as easily as to me as French, Spanish and Italian, which I taught for over fifteen years. Most people are able to feel or sense the presence of spirits to some degree (the equivalent of mastering Algebra or Geometry), but very few are able to actually see, hear or directly communicate with them (which is more akin to the Math or Science brains who easily grasp Calculus or Quantum Physics). With practice, I believe that anyone can hone their sixth sense (get better at sensing spirit), but they might have to put a lot more effort into it, and perhaps need a tutor or mentor as I did in order to pass Trig. The world would be chaos if everyone had the same gifts (especially if everyone could see and hear dead people all day long like I do)! If you think that you might have psychic gifts, or would like to explore the psychic world, head to the Psychic Development Resources Page of my website, or check out my book, Madame Medium: Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium.

What the heck is a Spirit Guide?

Spirit Guides are souls on the Other Side who have been assigned to help us overcome the challenges presented to us, and achieve our soul's purpose, during our time here on earth. Although we may have several Spirit Guides assisting us over the course of our lifetime, our Main Guide is selected before we are born and remains with us until we die. This Guide was once a person just like us who had a similar life path and faced (and conquered) many of the same challenges that we have dealt with, or will deal with at some point in the future. If we manage to overcome these same challenges and achieve our soul's purpose, there's a good chance that we will achieve Guide status and be selected as a Spirit Guide for someone else once we get to the Other Side. It's kind of like AA or NA counselors and sponsors... the best ones are often recovered alcoholics or drug addicts because they've been through (and managed to overcome) the struggle. For more information about Spirit Guides and how to start tuning to find out about your own, click here: Spirit Guides 101.

Can psychedelic drugs help me to tune in or connect with my Guides and/or Higher Self?

Only if by "higher self" you mean your stoned self. I have met several people who have had what can only be described as spiritual/transformative experiences while under the influence of psychedelics. This has not been my personal experience. I’ve never done LSD, but I did do mushrooms once in college and later in life I ingested a pot brownie that I feel certain must have been laced with something much stronger. Both times I just saw random weird sh*t and/or threw up. I don't judge others, nor doubt their experiences, but imo, drugs and alcohol lower your vibration in general and attract the wrong kind of energy from both sides of the veil. If you need more convincing, read my blog post, Spirits & Spirits Don't Mix: A Psychic PSA.

Are animals and babies more sensitive to the Spirit World?

Yes. Animals and babies/young children often sense things that most adults do not. Your dog or cat will usually know when someone from the Spirit World is visiting even when you do not. Before I became a medium my dog would always sit on back of the couch and bark at a certain spot in the kitchen when my grandfather would visit from the Other Side. Although I had not yet developed the ability to hear or see my dead relatives, I instinctively knew that it was my Grandpa Jim who had come to check in on my mom, who lived with me and had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. I was not frightened by these visits although they did rile my dog up... Grandpa Jim was not a fan of animals, and that showed in Waffle's reaction to his presence!? Waffle also freaked out any time a door would open and close on its own, or the tea cups would randomly start swinging on their hooks. Babies and children will often point at or talk to people whom we cannot see. Most toddlers do this at least once and it does not mean that your child will see (or be plagued by) dead people for the rest of their life. Most outgrow it. If your child's abilities have ramped up rather than down with age, read my blog on Psychic Kids and consider reaching out for help. I offer Psychic Kid Consults and Mentoring Sessions on the Services & Rates Page of my website.

Are you ever creeped out by the spirits that you see?

No. Although I'm not always thrilled with the energy attached to certain people in the Spirit World, as far as I am concerned spirits and ghosts are just like us... only dead. Occasionally some creeper tries to get my attention by trying to frighten me, but they realize pretty quickly that it's not going to work and move on to showing me what it is they want or need from me (which is usually help crossing into The Light). I am also able to remain calm because I've got a lot of reliable "back up" on the Other Side. If I feel threatened in any way, I am quick to call on my Spirit Guides, Angels, loved ones (especially my dad), and/or other people in the Spirit World that I have previously assisted, all of whom are happy to help me wrangle any sketchy characters.

Are Ouija Boards dangerous "portals to hell"?

I do not believe in hell (at least not the fiery pit filled with hounds that you read about), but I do believe that there is as much scuzzy energy to be found in the Spirit World as there is right here on Earth. Ouija Boards themselves aren't inherently evil or dangerous, but in the wrong hands (or when used with the wrong intentions), they can invite in the scuzzy peeps (or worse) who are lurking about in the Spirit World. Ditto amateur séances and any conjuring spells. Most of us try to avoid inviting negative living people into our homes, so why take a chance on soliciting a visit from negative dead people? There are safe ways to try to connect with your loved ones and others on the Other Side. If you are interested in doing so, either contact a reputable medium who can discern between good and not-so-good spirits, or try the activity described in my post Connecting with Your Loved Ones on Dia de los Muertos. I often encourage clients to try this on their own at home. It is more about sensing the presence of your loved ones than seeing or hearing them, and effective all year, not just on the Day of the Dead. 

I recently held a séance, conjured a spell, or used a Ouija Board and think I invited in some unwanted energy. How do I get rid of it?

If you are truly concerned that you have opened a can of worms (or portal) that you are unable to shut on your own, go straight to my Paranormal and Haunting FAQs ...and consider calling a professional psychic medium in for back-up. A medium will be able to identify who are what you are dealing with and handle the situation. If it is beyond their expertise, they will call in someone who is better equipped to help you.

If you have a question that was not covered here, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll do my best to answer it. I may even add it to this post!

Before becoming a professional psychic medium, Beth taught high school French, Spanish, Italian and ESOL. In addition to conducting mediumship and general psychic readings across the country and abroad, she is also conducts paranormal investigations and offers psychic development mentoring for adults and children. Her book, Madame Medium: Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium was written to help others uncover and hone their own intuitive abilities. Beth lives just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, with her husband, Scott, their dog, Waffle, and their resident house spirit.

To learn more about Beth, her book, and the other services that she offers, visit


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