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The Soul's Journey: Reassurance for Those Dealing with Dementia

" Dying is easy, living is harder ," is a line from my favorite musical,  Hamilton . I love this quote because, if you could see what I see as a psychic medium, you would know that it is simple, profound and undisputedly true. You would know that we who stand by and watch as a loved one dies from a devastating disease (and are then left behind to cope with their loss), have it much harder than those we are mourning. This is because the soul, our consciousness, the essence of who we are, is not trapped in a physical body that has been highjacked by any of the diseases which ravage the mind. And, because it is not trapped in the physical world, the soul's journey beyond the physical world often begins long before physical death occurs. When my mother was first diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's in 2011, I felt as though I had been crushed like a bug. Having not yet fully recognized my gift, I did not know what I know now and I immediately began to grieve the loss of