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Energy Balancing & Meditation 101

Are you an empath, aka energy sponge, who feels "wonky", gets cranky or gets actual hives from being in crowds or around certain people ? Or maybe just a "normal" person who is ready to dump any lingering crusty energy and start the New Year feeling lighter and better in general without counting calories or dusting off your scale? As a medium and empath, I am in the business of opening my energy field to the energy of others on both sides of the veil, alas ( in the interest of saving my own sanity ), I have had to learn how to recognize whether a sudden burst of euphoria or mini meltdown is my own or attached to the person coming for a 10am reading. What follows is a quick DIY guide to raising and managing your energy daily, with the added benefit of becoming more connected to Spirit. This "cheat sheet" is based on what I have learned from my own Spirit Guides during my daily morning meditation, as well as wisdom garnered from countless books that I h

Who Ya Gonna Call? Paranormal Investigations and "Ghostbusting"

In addition to connecting people with their loved ones in the Spirit World, I also love love love investigating paranormal activity and hauntings, or "ghostbusting". A good paranormal investigation team can detect and assess activity, but only a medium can communicate with the source to find out who they are and  why they are there. A lot of the stories involving paranormal activity that I get turn out to be someone's loved one simply trying to get their attention to let them know that they are still very present in their lives. When you ignore or brush off the gentle signs that spirit sends ( the coins, butterflies, feathers, birds and whatnot described in my blog post on recognizing signs ), a loving spirit will sometimes resort to messing with the lights or other electronics to make their presence known. Not everyone can ( or wants ) to actually see their deceased family members, so while it can be a bit freaky, flickering lights or odd cell phone activity is a les