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What to Expect from a Reading: Aligning Expectation with Reality

You may have seen Theresa Caputo or Tyler Henry on TV and have a general idea about what a medium does and what to expect. What you may not know is that every medium’s process is a bit different, and that process is a lot more involved than the brief, edited snippets from readings that you see on a television show. I always take a few minutes to describe my own process when we meet, but I’ve also prepared a short list of FAQs and answers, along with some basic Do’s and Don’ts , to prepare you so that your expectations align with reality. My number one goal is for you to feel confident that you have connected with your departed loved ones, and better leaving than when you walked in. Understanding how things work and having a general idea of what to expect is very beneficial. Reading this ahead of time should help with that, as well as save us time during the session, allowing us to focus more on what Spirit has in store for you! MEDIUMSHIP READING FAQs: Q:  Who can I expect to he

Vacationing with Spirit: Tales from the Crypt Trip

Unlike most jobs where you get to leave your work behind along with your briefcase, I have found that Spirit loves nothing more than a good getaway and always joins ( or finds ) me on vacation. To be fair, I also usually put at least one haunted site or tour on the itinerary, to “see what I’ll get”, or in the hopes of learning something new. Needless to say, my friends in the Spirit World never disappoint, and our trip to a cemetery in Savannah taught me more than any other to date. Scott and I had originally planned on taking one of Savannah’s famous ghost tours and then wandering on our own through the historic downtown area, figuring it would be full of interesting energy, old and new. This plan turned out to be a bust because the tour guide told us everything as we went along and all I “got” was a bunch of random stuff for the other people in my group, whose dead fam were vying for my attention and making it impossible for me to concentrate on the local spirits. Frustrated by t

A Day in the Life...

RETURN TO WEBSITE After wanting to know how or when I became a medium, people often ask what it’s like to be a medium or what a typical day is like. How do you sleep? Do they wake you up at night?   How do you get anything done? Do you see dead people everywhere you look? Are you surrounded all day, every day?  When I sat down to respond to these questions for this blog post, the first thing that popped into my mind was Forrest Gump’s famous quote, “Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you’re gonna get ”, because there truly is no typical day when you spend as much time with the dead as you do the living.  That being said, I’m hoping the following explanation and examples will give you an idea of what it’s like to live between two worlds. To start with, I should explain that I deal with not just your friends and relatives, but other types of spirit entities as well over the course of any given day.  I do not see “ghosts” (earthbound spirits) or “spirits” (the t