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To Tell the Truth: What Your Sun Sign Reveals About Honesty & Trustworthiness

  Here’s a rundown on which signs are most likely to tell the truth and keep your secrets under lock and key.  Can your sun sign handle the truth? Read on and find out.  Aries:  Count on this sign to tell you the truth, and to physically ram it down your throat if need be (pun intended). Aries are self-proclaimed arbiters of truth and justice, but are not above fibbing in the name of self-preservation like the rest of us ( This old thing ? I bought it two years ago!?). Taurus: Will lie to make you feel better (they wouldn’t dream of telling you your butt looks big in those skinny jeans). The down side? There’s a good chance they’ll keep any unflattering details about themselves under wraps as well.  Cancer: If you tell a secret to a crab, the odds are in your favor that it will stay hidden, mainly because of their inborn traits and habits. A homebody + a super small circle of friends = very little opportunity to spill the beans. Gemini:     The twins are great friends to have, and th

General Psychic FAQs: Answers to Random Questions

Different types of readings lend themselves to different FAQs, which is why I have separate posts that deal with common questions that are specific to Mediumship Readings, Romance Readings and Paranormal Investigations. This list of FAQs covers topics that often come up during General Psychic Readings, as well as other random questions that I have been asked since becoming a professional psychic medium. Some of them may help you to decide whether or not to book a reading that focuses on the future, some may enlighten you about the psychic world, and others may simply make you chuckle. GENERAL PSYCHIC READING FAQs: Do you use Tarot cards during readings? No. I read Tarot cards for family and friends for 30-plus years before I became a professional psychic medium, but I no longer use them for one simple reason... my Spirit Guides can simply show me one during a reading to get a message across. I still, however, think they are an incredibly useful tool when it comes to developing your own

Mediumship Reading FAQs

I believe the more you know coming into a reading, the more you will get out of it. This is why I have two full pages on my website dedicated to FAQs and What to Expect. This post expands on the questions found on the FAQ page of my website. If you have arrived at this list as a result of reading that page, feel free to scroll down to the section titled ADDITIONAL MEDIUMSHIP FAQs. If you have not yet visited my website, nor had a reading with a medium, please start at the top. BASIC MEDIUMSHIP FAQs Q: Are virtual (phone and Zoom) readings as effective as in-person? A: Yes. I have done virtual readings since day one for clients across the country (as far as Hawaii), and they work exactly the same as an in-person reading. It makes no difference where we are physically; whether we are across a table from each other or across a continent, Spirit will find us and communicate through me. Q: What if I get bad news? A: You won’t. I do not receive or deliver bad news. I will never tell you if o

Spirits, Ghosts & Other Phenomena: Paranormal & Haunting FAQs

Many people experience some type of freaky, unexplainable (aka paranormal) occurrence at some point in their lives. Thankfully, for most this happens once or twice and they move on without giving it much thought. If, however, you find yourself plagued by paranormal activity, it might be necessary to enlist the aid of a professional medium who can diagnose the problem, deal with it, and bring a sense of peace back into your home. Should you find yourself in the latter category, I am more than happy to help you out (the link to book a paranormal investigation can be found at the bottom of this post), but I put together this list of FAQs to (hopefully) put your mind at ease before you call for back-up. I suspect that my house is haunted. Should I call a paranormal team, a medium, or both? You can set up all of the cameras and ghost hunting equipment you want, but only a well-trained medium is able to ascertain who or what is causing your issue and intervene if necessary by communicating w