To Tell the Truth: What Your Sun Sign Reveals About Honesty & Trustworthiness


Here’s a rundown on which signs are most likely to tell the truth and keep your secrets under lock and key. Can your sun sign handle the truth? Read on and find out. 

Aries: Count on this sign to tell you the truth, and to physically ram it down your throat if need be (pun intended). Aries are self-proclaimed arbiters of truth and justice, but are not above fibbing in the name of self-preservation like the rest of us (This old thing? I bought it two years ago!?).

Taurus: Will lie to make you feel better (they wouldn’t dream of telling you your butt looks big in those skinny jeans). The down side? There’s a good chance they’ll keep any unflattering details about themselves under wraps as well. 

Cancer: If you tell a secret to a crab, the odds are in your favor that it will stay hidden, mainly because of their inborn traits and habits. A homebody + a super small circle of friends = very little opportunity to spill the beans.

Gemini:  The twins are great friends to have, and they honestly want to keep your secret, but are physically incapable of doing so. They are just too damn talkative, and the words usually come out faster than they can filter them.

Leo: Leos aren’t liars, strictly speaking, but they are pathological boasters. Lions are quite adept at putting themselves (and those they love) in the best possible light. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because everyone walks away from a Leo feeling like a winner.

Virgo: Brutally honest. Don’t ask their opinion unless you want the unvarnished, frequently painful truth. They might not say your ass looks fat, but they may as well, because they make the truth hella clear by going straight to the closet and pulling out something more flattering for you to wear.

Libra: Most likely to keep a secret. If your BFF is a Libra, you can rest assured that they’ll never find the body of your ex.

Scorpio: A scorp can smell a lie before it even leaves your lips, but won’t rat you out to the rest of the nubs who bought your BS hook, line & sinker... mainly because they have a few skeletons of their own that they prefer to keep in the closet.

Sagittarius: By far the best storytellers of the zodiac. A Sag won’t lie, but they will exaggerate or embellish a bit... and they might just let your secret slip, if it’s juicy enough to rescue a dull cocktail party.

Capricorn: Caps are straight-shooters and totally artless when it comes to lying. Goats are also incapable of understanding why you are offended by the truth, so don’t bother confronting them about it.

Aquarius: Your secrets are safe with the water bearer. Aquarians rarely waste their time judging others, and simply don’t care enough about your drama to repeat it at happy hour. 

Pisces: Like their forefather (that most famous fish of all), George Washington, Pisces cannot tell a lie... unless it is to avoid hurting your feelings. If they do try to hide their secret (or yours), the truth will be written all over the fish's easy-to-read face.

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