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Afterlife FAQs: What happens When We Die?

  For most people, the most anxiety-provoking aspect of death is the fear of the unknown. The many validations that I receive during any given reading do a lot to reassure my clients that our souls survive physical death, but people often leave with unanswered questions about the Afterlife that we simply didn't have time to cover. I created this list of FAQs to answer some of those questions and (hopefully) put more minds at ease, by sharing what I have learned from my friends in the Spirit World about the soul's journey after life on the physical plane. What happens right after we die? Just as cutting the umbilical cord connecting us to our mother at birth ushers us into our new life, when physical death occurs, the ethereal cord connecting our souls to our bodies is cut and we begin our journey back Home. As any Hospice nurse could probably attest, depending on the circumstances surrounding our passing, we may see and hear loved ones who have already departed even before we d