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When and How I Became a Medium

WAIT... You’re a what? When and how did that happen?  If anyone had told me back in 1975 (when this picture was taken), that I would one day be talking to dead people for a living, I would have pulled back the covers that I was hiding under to protect myself from the “others” I knew were in my room and told you that you were the crazy person!?  I did not actually see them then (because I was too afraid to open my eyes), but looking back on it now, as a child I guess I always knew that they were there. I basically spent my childhood doing anything possible to avoid the dark and/or sleeping alone. Just ask my older brother, whom I begged and bribed to sleep in my room until we got too old (ages 8 and 9 maybe?) and he decided it was just too weird.  The last time I ran for cover and spent the night in my parents room I was 18 years old and had just watched a scary movie. No, I’m not kidding!? As a teenager I went to psychic fairs and tea & tarot readings with my mom or my aunt for