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Empath Survival Skills: Finding Balance in Daily Rituals and Routines

"Stressed souls need the reassuring rhythm of self-nurturing rituals." - Sarah Ban Breathnach Never, in the course of our lifetime, has this ever been more true. When it comes to finding balance in every day life, I have certainly experienced highs and lows over the years but, thanks to our good friend 'Rona, I recently found my willpower and energy scales not merely dipping, but plunging into the pandemic abyss. Being an empath, or human energy sponge, can be tricky. Being an empath with ADHD can be even trickier. Whether you are both (a spazzy energy sponge) like me, or simply someone whose energy is greatly affected by their surroundings, creating healthy daily rituals and routines can help to keep you feeling calm, grounded and sane. I say surroundings because, as a highly sensitive human, you may not only find yourself affected by the energy and emotions of other people, but equally sensitive to less obvious factors such as what you choose to eat, read or watch on t