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Crystals 101: School of Rocks

I like to think of crystals as pet rocks with a purpose. This makes me feel less crazy talking to them, which I believe is necessary when activating their energy or setting an intention  (humbly asking them to work their magic for you) . This post is for those of you who have ever considered adding crystals to your spiritual repertoire, only to become discouraged or overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin. There are Lord knows how many species of crystals out there, so I'm going to keep this as basic as I can and give you the lowdown on what I consider to be the most useful stones in terms of psychic protection, and then move on to some crystals with chakra balancing properties. A few words about size, shape and texture. Unless you are planning on making your crystals do double duty as a bookends or doorstops, this is one time in life where size does not matter. A pebble or palm-sized nugget can be just as useful as a five pound boulder. Tumbled ( smooth ), or raw ( rough ), yo

Astrology 101: Blame it on the Stars

I am occasionally asked if I do "horoscope readings". I am far from an expert, so I do not, and I always refer clients to a professional astrologer for this. I have, however, always been intrigued by the subject and am one thousand percent certain that astrology influences each of us a a BIG way. I have had my natal chart done twice by professionals, and can tell you that I was born on June 22, which falls within the Cusp of Magic ( I consider what I do for a living to be pretty magical, no? ). Both my Sun and Rising signs are Cancer ( I'm a   total homebody...  loved being an SAHM for eight years and would rather "netflix and chill" than go out on the town ). My moon is in Aquarius ( this, added to the Gemini cusp explains my open-mindedness and sociability ). My Mercury is in Gemini ( hello, spazzy chatterbox! ), and my Venus is in Leo ( diehard romantic? ...have I mentioned that this is my third marriage? ). I believe everyone could benefit from studying ch

Tuning In: A Quick Start Guide to "Taking it to the Next Level"

Many of my clients ask how I came so far so quickly as a psychic medium, and (especially if they have had psychic or paranormal experiences), how they themselves can take it to the next level. My answer to the first question is always, " Hard work and dedication. Once I realized what was happening, I threw myself into it and never looked back ." I think the fact that I was a teacher, as were my Spirit Guides when they were here helped a lot as well. My answer to the second question is, " Hard work and dedication. While I believe that some people are born mediums (able to talk to dead people), I think that everyone has some degree of intuitive/psychic potential which can be developed in order to benefit themselves and/or others. " I cannot make you more psychic. I can, however, help you to understand how it all works and give you a starting point, along with some helpful hints and tools based on my own experience. How far you go, or what "level" you

Why Spirits & Spirits Don't Mix: A Psychic PSA

I looove my red wine and pizza rolls, but have learned the hard way that spirits (booze) and spirits (dead peeps) don't mix. I'm not always 100% correct in interpreting messages from the Spirit World when I am stone cold sober, but I have found that I am pretty much always straight up wrong with even simple yes/no; either/or predictions after a glass or two of vino. Because of this, I no longer operate my psychic powers under the influence of alcohol or any other mind-altering drug. Period. I consider the advice that follows an important PSA for anyone ( psychic or not ) who is highly sensitive to other energies or wondering why they always seem to come away with more than just your average hangover after overindulging. I may be the only person who came of age in the 80's and  didn't try cocaine, including my parents ( a fun fact that I learned courtesy of my mother's early onset dementia, i.e. lack of filter ). I wasn't extremely prudent or wise as a teen (

Chaka Who? A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Chakras

I'm a child of the 80s ( one of Madonna's Material Girls), so when I began hearing from the dead I didn't know a chakra from Chaka Khan.  Turns out the seven chakras, or energy centers, are super important to everyone, especially those of us who muck around with energy from both sides of the veil. Because of this I had to learn a lot... and quickly !? I put together this introduction in the hopes of providing other clueless people with a basic understanding of what chakras are and how they work, so that you can tell when one of them gets wonky and do something about it. CHAKRAS 101 Chakra (you say CHA-kra, I say SHOCK-rah, same difference ) is Sanskrit for wheel, and I think that's the easiest way to picture them... as seven spinning wheels running through the center of your body. Each chakra corresponds to one of the colors in the ROY G BIV rainbow acronym. In addition to the fairly basic English names shown, each chakra has a fancy original Sanskrit name as wel