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Joseph, Our (Now) Friendly House Ghost

In honor of my two favorite holidays, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, when faux ghosts, goblins and spirits abound, I decided to answer the question that I often get asked about a very real spirit, " What ever happened to your house ghost, Joseph? "  I am happy to report that after I convinced him that he would be much better off crossing over and creating a  new  home for himself and his beloved wife on the Other Side rather than staying stuck here being eternally annoyed by my constant changes to what he still considers his home, he did just that... and I usually only see him now when he needs help, or when he thinks that I perhaps do. For months I kept getting glimpses of an elusive spirit that looked like Keith Morrison, the host of Dateline, followed by screwier than usual messages, but I could not figure out what was going on. With the help of one of my students (a future medium) who picked up on the name Joe when I asked her to tune in, I was then able to show

How to Recognize the Signs Spirit is Sending

It's a sign... isn't it? YASSSS, girlfriend, YASSS!!! Trust me when I say it is no coincidence that you see robins or cardinals  nearly every day from April thru October, or that a butterfly literally pops out of nowhere ( and flies in your face or follows you ) whenever you take a walk, or that you wake up at exactly 3:33 am every morning, or find the same coin over and over. This is your loved ones trying to make their presence known. To clarify, it is not actually  your loved ones... they haven't turned into   a bird or a butterfly or a dime... it is them using their energy to manipulate the objects in your environment in a way that you will notice and ( hopefully ) appreciate. As a medium, I am used to seeing and accepting signs and symbols as a regular part of the language that I use when communicating with Spirit, but most people ( even those who practically get slapped in the face with the same sign every day ), often come to me wanting or needing confirmation t