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How to Get the Most Out of a Psychic Tutoring Session

  Mediumship came naturally to me (I didn't go out looking to talk to the dead, they came looking for me), but I had a lot to learn about the Spirit World and how it works before I quit my day job to become a professional psychic medium. I learned most of what I needed to know through direct interaction with those on the Other Side; my Spirit Guides, Angels, the dearly departed, and the lost souls who came to me for help. I also read everything I could get my hands on related to psychic development, but occasionally I found myself confused or perplexed about what was happening and I needed someone to answer a few questions. I soon found that it was nearly impossible to find a reputable professional psychic medium who was willing to do this at a reasonable rate, so I paid someone for a full reading, which I did not need, to have these questions answered. After I wrote my first book, Madame Medium, Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium , I decided to