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Psychic Kids: How a Mentor Can Help Your Child Cope with Their Gift

As a child who spent most nights hiding under the covers (or running for cover in my brother or parents' rooms), I know how terrifying it can be to hear, see, or simply know that spirits are present. Neither of my parents had experienced anything similar and my brother was "normal", so they just chalked it up to my skittish nature, reassured me that ghosts and monsters didn't exist, and -in the interest of everyone getting adequate sleep- made room for me in their bed. I fell into the group who just knew that I was never alone. I never actually saw The Others that I sensed around me (due in large part to those covers over my head), but that didn't make it any less real or frightening. If you have a child who is seeing spirits or predicting future events on a fairly regular basis, you may be understandably concerned, or perhaps as frightened by their gifts as they are. Parents instinctively want to protect their children, but this is impossible to do if you are not