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Tarot 101: It's in the Cards

On my 18th birthday my parents got me a hope chest and an introductory tarot kit which included a deck of cards, a black cloth with the Celtic Cross layout printed on it, and a how-to book. 30-plus years ( and a gazillion readings ) later, I no longer use that first set, but it is safely tucked away amongst my other treasured mementos in the hope chest. Having graduated from amateur card reader to professional psychic medium, I no longer use any actual cards during readings, but what I learned from them has proven invaluable, and my Guides frequently use them as a tool to give me insight. More often than not, before a client even arrives for a reading, I will be shown the first and second cards that they would have drawn, which allows me to quickly understand what he or she might need guidance about or what our focus will be. When I began reading the cards all those years ago, I was eager to dive in but didn't have the foggiest idea of where to begin interpreting each card ind

Ghosts - They're Just Like Us!

People often ask how I can not   be afraid of the things that I see and hear in my line of work. For starters, I'm pretty sure that spending seventeen years teaching hormonal teenagers leaves one immune to many of the horrors in this life and the next. The main reason for my new-found lack of fear is, however, simply that I have come to find that the dead ( aside from being dead ) are just like us or, more accurately, just like themselves back in the day. While a person's intentions may change the longer they are in the Spirit World (they may own up to or show remorse for their not-so-stellar actions, for example ), they don't suddenly sprout wings and become an angel when they reach the Other Side. In other words, their basic personality does not change... and for a very good reason. If they were a tad gruff or salty when alive, for instance, but came through like Mary Poppins during a reading, YOU WOULDN'T RECOGNIZE THEM!? As a medium, I am thrilled when your sp