Mediumship & Life Path Readings: What to Expect from a Combination Reading

As a psychic medium I am able to connect directly with loved ones who have crossed over and now act as Guardians watching over us, as well as with the Spirit Guides and Angels who inhabit and guide us from higher planes of existence. A Combination Mediumship & Life Path Reading gives you the opportunity to experience both of these connections; you will hear from any departed loved ones who choose to join us and you will receive life path advice from the other loving Spirits who have your best interest at heart. I chose to stop doing general psychic readings that focus solely on the future when I cut back on the number of readings that I do because, although all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums, which means there are a lot fewer mediums than psychics or “intuitives” to choose from. If you are only interested in hearing about your future or love life, you can consult a trusted psychic/intuitive, but only a well-developed evidential medium can reliably connect with your loved ones on the Other Side. As my schedule became more limited, I chose to focus on mediumship readings because I felt I could do the most healing through mediumship and, quite frankly, because time and time again every general psychic reading that I did was Spirit-Bombed by your departed loved ones. Those of us who do both types of readings call this kind of interruption a "push". Most of us feel bound to listen to these unexpected guests because, like it or not, our job is to serve the living and the dead equally.

After many requests from former and prospective clients looking for readings focusing on their future life paths, I decided to bring back the combination reading because it allows me the time to delve deeper into a client's life, addressing any issues of concern, while still honoring their departed loved ones by delivering meaningful messages from them. These dual readings require more time, focus and energy on my part. I tune in 30 minutes ahead of time to get a “preview” (a general idea of who will be joining us and what we will discuss), and I am constantly tuning in and out during the reading to see who is relaying the information so that I know whether I am receiving an opinion about your current situation from one of your loved ones or valid future psychic intel from our Spirit Guides and Angels. Maintaining these connections can be exhausting, so I do no more than two of these extended readings on any given day. I have written several detailed blog posts about what to expect from mediumship and general psychic readings, but here is a quick rundown of what to expect (and what not to expect) from a Combination Mediumship & Life Path Reading.

What to Expect:

  • Validations and messages from loved ones on the Other Side.
  • Opinions about your life from these same loved ones, if they are so inclined (if they were opinionated in life, they will probably offer their two cents. If they were very reserved or private, they are less likely to chime in).
  • Helpful advice about your current or future circumstances from Spirit Guides and Angels. Spirit Guides have been in our shoes before as humans and therefore have much wisdom to offer, and Angels are the most loving and protective of beings who always act in the best interest of everyone involved. This advice may pertain to your health, career and/or relationships.
  • Information about past lives or previous situations you have experienced in this lifetime that may shed light on what is currently transpiring may also come through.
  • Insights into your current spiritual journey such as suggestions about protecting your energy if you are an empath or shifting your mindset to manifest more positivity if you are struggling in some way.
  • Honest and straightforward feedback from the Universe about situations or decisions that you are facing. 
What NOT to Expect:
  • Bad news. I may get helpful preventative information about things involving your health and well-being, but I will not deliver bad news about things that cannot be avoided (future accidents or deaths). I will not tell you when or if someone will die.
  • Information about cheating spouses or toxic relationships that are full of unnecessary drama. If you have to ask (if your intuition tells you that he or she is a creep), you already know the answer. Your money would be better spent on couples counseling.
  • A blow by blow of everything that will happen to you in the next week, month, year or decade. I am happy to answer questions about specific situations (which new house or job to choose, for example) but there are many forks in every life path, which means that your entire future is not written in stone. 
  • Future information about others (your spouse, children or friends). I may get good news about the important people in your life from your departed loved ones who love to share recent milestones and achievements in the family, but this is your reading and so my focus is on you and your present and/or future circumstances. They will also not share private information about other people if you are simply being nosey or want to snoop around in their business. Bottom line, unless the information you want to know about others will somehow serve the greater good, don’t waste your time asking. 
I do not want any information ahead of time concerning your deceased loved ones, but please feel free to prepare specific questions for Spirit (our Guides and Angels) in order to make the most of your opportunity to receive Their guidance! For more detailed information about mediumship and general psychic readings please check out the What to Expect Page of my website, or the blog posts linked below. You will find them especially helpful if you have never had a reading of any kind.

If you’d like to learn more about the Spirit World or how to tap into your own innate gifts, check out the Madame Medium Book Page on my website!


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