Who Ya Gonna Call? Paranormal Investigations and "Ghostbusting"

In addition to connecting people with their loved ones in the Spirit World, I also love love love investigating paranormal activity and hauntings, or "ghostbusting". A good paranormal investigation team can detect and assess activity, but only a medium can communicate with the source to find out who they are and why they are there. A lot of the stories involving paranormal activity that I get turn out to be someone's loved one simply trying to get their attention to let them know that they are still very present in their lives. When you ignore or brush off the gentle signs that spirit sends (the coins, butterflies, feathers, birds and whatnot described in my blog post on recognizing signs), a loving spirit will sometimes resort to messing with the lights or other electronics to make their presence known. Not everyone can (or wants) to actually see their deceased family members, so while it can be a bit freaky, flickering lights or odd cell phone activity is a less scary or "in-your-face" way for spirit to say "Hey!".  There are times, however, that I am called in to investigate more disturbing paranormal activity that is clearly not just friends or fam on the other side, and which is adversely affecting one or all members of a household. When this is the case, my job is to help settle the energy on both sides, which I am happy to do, especially when it involves allaying the fears of children.  I was recently called on to check out one such situation. The family had already consulted with their church, who blessed the house, and non-psychic paranormal investigators, who assessed and cleansed it, all to no avail. The initial investigators, being responsible and astute, wisely suggested that they contact a medium who could communicate with the entities in question.

Shannon, her husband, and their two children had moved into the "haunted house" about six months before I met them, and had been experiencing some pretty dramatic paranormal activity from day one. As always, I had asked that they share as little as possible with me before I began so that I would not be influenced by anyone else's thoughts or impressions. All I knew was that by the time they reached out to me, both Shannon and her 4-year-old were afraid to sleep upstairs, and they were desperate for answers and peace. I was anxious to help, having faced similar bedtime issues for years as a child, and having raised a daughter who was plagued in the same way. I checked in with my trusted Spirit Guides and was reassured that we wouldn't be dealing with anything darker or more difficult than what I had encountered in the past, and that I would be able to help on some level. The  morning of our appointment,  I began feeling anxious and I instinctively knew that this was not my own anxiety (it's generally a lot less scary now that I can see and/or hear what I'm up against), but instead tied to someone in the house.  I also began receiving the usual initial impressions and knew I would be communicating with a "house spirit" like our own Joseph, and at least one of the family's relatives (a female, motherly energy). I was also fairly certain that there was a Melissa somewhere in the mix, that someone had heartburn, and that a suicide would come up at some point. I anticipated  receiving the rest of the puzzle pieces on site and successfully solving their mystery together.

I was somewhat surprised when I pulled up to a single family home, because I had psychically been shown a townhouse, but I later found out that they had moved from a a small townhouse to this more spacious home to accommodate their growing family. As expected, Shannon and her husband were a lovely, exceedingly normal couple, and I quickly reassured them that whatever we were dealing with was neither dark, nor sinister, and that so far I had only picked up on a slightly grumpy and protective house ghost, who was more than likely the original owner.  We chatted a bit about my process, what to expect, and why he might be hanging about. My attention was suddenly drawn to a doll in the room and I asked if they had experienced dolls/toys behaving strangely and/or electrical disturbances like I have at my own house. They answered yes to both. As predicted, both the resident spirit and her husband's mother (the loving, no-nonsense female spirit I had sensed earlier) were eager to communicate and the first name that I was given was John or Johnson.  Having done their own  background research, they were able to confirm that the last name of the original owners was in fact Johnson. They also had a John or two in the family, one of whom was connected to - you guessed it - Melissa, another family member who had passed. Next I heard Bob or Robert, which turned out to be the name of her husband's father, brother and nephew.  I was beyond relieved to know right off the bat that I would have the help of the first homeowner and her husband's mom, two excellent communicators from the other side.  After chatting a bit more, we headed upstairs to her daughter's bedroom, where the majority of the activity had been occurring.

My attention was drawn to a toy school bus and I wondered aloud if any of them had any bus-related issues. Negative. Tuning in again, I sensed that Mr. Johnson (he let me know he preferred to be called "Mr. Johnson")  had been a bus driver and that he was respected and trusted in the community. He was a bit overbearing, but he was there to help them, as well as others who were caught between worlds, as I would soon see first hand. I was drawn to the closet and, upon opening it, discovered that it was a good 10 degrees colder than the rest of the room. Beyond the closet was a crawl space, which also happened to be a highly-trafficked portal, or opening to the Other Side. The couple confirmed that the initial investigators had come to the same conclusion in the same location. Mr. Johnson showed me that he had been patrolling this portal (in his "magic school bus", if you will), and drew me in further, clearly trying to "out" another hidden entity. I sensed that someone had hung themselves either in this house, or nearby, and that this spirit was "stuck" (had chosen to remain earthbound) because he was taught to believe and feared that, having committed suicide, he would not be welcomed into heaven (this is complete bullsh*t, fyi). I stepped back out, looked over at the bed, and there sat a young man in his early twenties, with his head in his hands. The name that he gave me was Danny. There might also be a Joe somehow connected. He seemed to feel badly about having scared them and I began to feel anxious again, almost as if there were something heavy on my chest or my throat were closing.  Shannon reported that this was exactly how she felt whenever she came upstairs, particularly in this room.  I explained that this wasn't her anxiety anymore that it was mine, that it was his energy, that she is an empath, extremely open and sensitive to energies outside of herself, and that this too can be controlled once you understand and recognize what is going on. For the moment, Danny wasn't giving me anything else, nor was he budging from the bed, but I felt sure that the reason that the deacon and house blessing hadn't done any good was because, sadly, he had a severe distrust of anything associated with the church based on things that had occurred in his childhood.  Sensing these things always upsets me because I rely heavily on prayer, holy water, saints and the like for protection, but he had encountered someone not-so-good in the physical world associated with his neighborhood church.  Shannon asked if either of the men had facial hair and I confirmed that, yes, Danny had brown hair and a beard. She looked relieved and explained that the previous tenant's child had reported seeing a "bearded man" in the same room. Danny was again uncommunicative and while he stalled, Doug's mom took the opportunity to pop in again, validating her continued presence in their lives by sharing details about their daughter's first and middle names, the lilies that were in Shannon's bridal bouquet (she had attended their wedding in spirit), a song with recent relevance, and a small, dark pug-faced dog that had hopped around like one of those yappy battery-operated toys in his younger years. I periodically turned back to Danny on the bed, reminding him that we had unfinished business and that Mr. Johnson and I were there to help him.

Danny must have been pleased that I understood his situation and began to believe what I had said about him being safe and loved on the Other Side. I can't explain exactly how it happened (these things can be difficult even for me to wrap my head around), but I introduced Grace, another loving spirit that I call upon to help with children and victims of suicide who are afraid to cross over, and together we managed to gain his trust.  He stepped onto Mr. Johnson's safe "between worlds" bus and then took Grace's hand and went into the light.  I felt the emotion of his gratitude then, and I feel it again now as I write about it. I went to work on the portal and showed them a little trick that might be of use in the future. I stepped back into the closet and invited them to join me so that they could feel the sudden rise in temperature (it now felt the same as the rest of the room). I asked Shannon how she was feeling and she said that she was now totally fine and calm, another sign that Danny's energy had moved on. Mr. Johnson had headed out as well and I understood that he had never been stuck, but chose to "visit" in an attempt to help Danny and protect the home that he had lived in for decades.  It is not uncommon for loving spirits who have a connection to a place to drop in and visit (a bit too frequently sometimes!?) because it was their "happy place" for so long.

We spent some time checking out the basement, where we were joined by Melissa, the deceased cousin, who showed me her beautiful hair and gave me her mother's name (Carol) so that they could let her know that Melissa is happy and at peace. Then Shannon's grandfather popped in and told me her sister's name (Chrissy), her beverage of choice (hot tea), brought up a recent breast cancer scare in the family, and let her know that he appreciated that she had lobbied hard to name their son after him. I was also psychically shown details about the woman who had lived there before them, and about a creepy man with dark greasy hair and a mustache whom they had recently encountered in the neighborhood. A couple of recent health issues (the heartburn and a minor eye prob) also came up. At some point I asked about any objects that had been left over from previous residents and they listed three items, one of which was a mirror. I instructed them to get rid of the mirror asap. They shared that they had been told the same by the first investigators and needed no more convincing, they would ditch it right away.

We reconvened upstairs, went over what had transpired, and they finally got to tell me everything that had happened. OY! A lot of very shady stuff!? For starters,  Dad had been physically pushed by something in the doorway and the word "HELP" had appeared in the dust on a window out of nowhere. What's worse, their daughter had fallen out of bed with a THUD twice in one night (without waking up!), and had suddenly become violently afraid of their rosary and the deacon who had come to bless the house. They even had video footage of the ceiling light in their daughter's room going batsh*t berzerk, blinking off and on at varying speeds!? Was I ever glad that I hadn't heard all of this ahead of time... I would have definitely suspected some demonic shizzle instead of the troubled energy of a suicide victim who feared all things church-related, and an old man who was wreaking havoc in an effort to get them to call in back-up (me) to help clear the house of "spirit squatters"! We weren't able to validate everything (Danny's name and Mr. Johnson's profession), but all of the other on-point details made them feel as confident as I was that we had accomplished my goal of helping the souls on both sides.

Follow-up: As soon as I got into my car and shuffled my playlist of 3,000+ songs, two of the first three that came up were by a singer named Dany, and the third was a song called "Ghost in My House" (you can't make this stuff up!?) The next day Shannon was happy to report that both she and her daughter had spent a fear-free night upstairs. A week later her daughter was back in her own bed full-time and they had replaced the bathroom mirror... a change which did not go unnoticed by Mr. Johnson, who showed his approval by loudly shifting it on the wall. Lastly, as I was talking to my husband about them, our ceiling light went wonky, so I texted Shannon to see if she was still having issues with lights. Sure enough, that was the one lingering issue, but they felt no fear or apprehension and we agreed that it is just Mr. Johnson's way of letting them know he's still on the job, protecting them and the house! :)

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Before becoming a professional psychic medium, Beth taught high school French, Spanish, Italian and ESOL. In addition to conducting mediumship and general psychic readings across the country and abroad, she is also conducts paranormal investigations and offers psychic development mentoring for adults and children. Her book,
Madame Medium: Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium , was written to help others uncover and hone their own intuitive abilities. Beth lives just outside of Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, Scott, their dog, Waffle, and their resident house spirit.

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