Psychic? Medium? What’s the Difference?

All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.
If you think that sounds like a confusing logic riddle designed to test your I.Q., you aren’t alone. So, what exactly is the difference between a psychic and a psychic medium (aka evidential medium)? Here's the basic deal: psychics have the ability to gather intel about past, present and future events using one or more of the clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance), whereas mediums are able to do that, as well as communicate with those who have passed on from the physical world (i.e. talk to the dead). Here's a simple analogy: all neurosurgeons are doctors, but not all doctors are neurosurgeons. Both have the same basic skill set, but neurosurgeons are specialists. Mind you, I am not comparing myself to a doctor or a neurosurgeon, both of whom have true superpowers. You would not want me operating on your brain, nor driving your car for that matter!

Unbeknownst to me, I had been fielding general psychic information for at least 30 years prior to recognizing and developing the gift of mediumship. I say unbeknownst because most of this information came when I read tarot cards for my friends and relatives and I was clueless about the how and why of my accurate predictions. Knowing nothing about my Guides, nor how the Spirit World works, I simply assumed it was somehow the cards "working". I also had random psychic hair dreams for years. I would dream someone had a radical hair change and then walk into the office or classroom and Voilà, there they were, sporting the new 'do! I actually used to lament the fact that I possessed such a "useless psychic power"! Lol! The one useful (and fun!) predictive psychic ability that I enjoyed (again, without being aware of exactly how I was doing it) involved one of my most favorite things in the whole world... SNOW DAYS!  It's no secret to anyone whom I have taught or taught with that I created a snow cult in my classroom that functioned, successfully I might add, for about a decade.  If I sensed true potential for a snow day or delay, we would chant to the Dieu de la Neige (aka Snow God) en français, in the hopes of getting a day off.  I didn't keep a close tally, but I would guesstimate that our accuracy rate was well above 80%. The year that I won Senior Teacher of the Year and was asked to speak at graduation, I apologized to the County Superintendent of Schools for the ridiculous number of snow days that we may or may not have been responsible for during the past four years. BTW, as of this writing, my Guides are 2 for 2 so far this year where weather is concerned, having predicted the first snowfall in mid-November a few weeks back and then the first snow day yesterday, which I shared with my former colleagues and got confirmation on about an hour ago, on November 15th!

My journey into mediumship did not begin until much later and it was much more obvious to me what was happening because, from the onset, all of my experiences involved communicating with the deceased family members and friends of people I knew.  My head would tingle, I would see the person that I knew (either the deceased or, if I had never met the deceased, the person for whom the message was intended), and then the “conversation” would begin.  As I explained above, it wasn't until later that I realized that I had been getting basic psychic information for years on several fronts and that not all of the information that I was getting during a reading was from your people in the Spirit World, but from my own trusted Guides as well.  Discerning who was telling me what and which sources to trust took a lot of patience and practice. How do I know the difference? Two words: interaction and content.  My own Guides are always present and help the others to communicate. If I see someone other than my Guides in Spirit and they are clearly interacting with me in order to better illustrate their personality or relay a message, I know that I am using the gift of mediumship to connect with someone who has left the physical world. These loving spirits will give me names or show me events that you either experienced together, or that have just happened, in order to validate their identity, and the fact that they are still with you. They might bring up your health or someone else's as another way of showing their continuing care and concern. General psychic information coming from my Guides, on the other hand, might involve more detailed, preventative health or medical information, or future career and relationship advice which, unless your loved one was psychic in the physical world, they would not be able to diagnose or predict from the afterlife.  Many clients instinctively know what is being relayed by their loved ones versus information that I am getting elsewhere but, in the event that they don't, I always enjoy interpreting and explaining the difference.

"Do you do readings for predicting future stuff as opposed to just talking to lost loved ones?" I often get requests for what I call general psychic or non-mediumship readings, and the reason that I hesitated to advertise them on my website is twofold. One: as I explained, not all psychics are mediums, so I feel that I am best honoring my gift and serving the greater good by focusing on helping and healing those who are grieving the loss of loved ones... and, because I am a medium (and let's face it, there aren't that many legit mediums around), your people (or your friends' people) will find me and pop in during your reading so, in essence, most of my readings end up involving mediumship. Two: I have found that some people are freaked out by the Spirit World, and what many of those people wanted to know about was the future of their relationship or, more specifically, validation that their significant other was a dirtbag or a cheater as they suspected. Trust me (and your own intuition), if you are asking those questions, you don't need to pay me to confirm what you already know!? FYI: Your loved ones can give their opinion on your love life (and mothers and grandmothers just love giving advice from the other side!), but they do not know anything beyond what you are privy to about the status of your relationship because they are only connected energetically to you, not the other party in question (shout out to my patient and loving cousin, Sarah, who helped me to learn this little lesson the hard way!). The good news is that general or future information always comes into play during a mediumship reading as well, so if you'd like to book a reading but you are currently more concerned about your health, career or relationships than about connecting with anyone in spirit, by all means DO... just be prepared for mediumship to be involved/to welcome any unexpected visitors who may pop in with a message for you or someone you know! :)

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Before becoming a professional psychic medium, Beth taught high school French, Spanish, Italian and ESOL. In addition to conducting mediumship and general psychic readings across the country and abroad, she is also conducts paranormal investigations and offers psychic development mentoring for adults and children. Her book,
Madame Medium: Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium , was written to help others uncover and hone their own intuitive abilities. Beth lives just outside of Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, Scott, their dog, Waffle, and their resident house spirit.

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