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I believe the more you know coming into a reading, the more you will get out of it. This is why I have two full pages on my website dedicated to FAQs and What to Expect. This post expands on the questions found on the FAQ page of my website. If you have arrived at this list as a result of reading that page, feel free to scroll down to the section titled ADDITIONAL MEDIUMSHIP FAQs. If you have not yet visited my website, nor had a reading with a medium, please start at the top.


Q: Are virtual (phone and Zoom) readings as effective as in-person?
A: Yes. I have done virtual readings since day one for clients across the country (as far as Hawaii), and they work exactly the same as an in-person reading. It makes no difference where we are physically; whether we are across a table from each other or across a continent, Spirit will find us and communicate through me.

Q: What if I get bad news?
A: You won’t. I do not receive or deliver bad news. I will never tell you if or when someone will die. I may get a warning about something like taking extra health precautions because a condition runs in your family, but only if that warning serves a purpose/ can help you to avoid future bad news!

Q: How soon is too soon?
A: It is natural to want to connect with your loved ones as soon as possible, and while I have had successful readings shortly after someone has passed (and often hear from friends and family members on the day of their passing), I believe it is in the best interest of everyone involved (on both sides) to give yourself a few months before scheduling a reading. This buffer allows both you and the newly departed to settle into and adjust to your new worlds, or what is often referred to as your “new normal”. Every situation is unique, and I consider grief to be like a fingerprint; each one is made up of lines and swirls, yet no two are exactly the same. A lot depends on the relationship between the departed and the bereaved. An adult child like myself, for example, who has lost a parent in their 40s or 50s (which, while difficult, is considered the “natural order of things”) may be in a very different place in the grieving process after a few weeks or months than someone of the same age who has lost a spouse or, the unthinkable, a child. In these situations, I have found that it can be very difficult to focus on the message being delivered when you are in the earliest, most profound stages of grief. The extreme emotional stress that you are under early on can also disrupt the connection during a reading, in much the same way that a random surge of energy can throw a breaker in your electrical box. For these reasons, I suggest giving yourself and your loved one time to adjust before scheduling a reading.

Q: Can you guarantee who will come through during a reading?
A: No. I do not have anyone on "speed dial" up there, nor am I in charge of who does or does not show up during a reading, and you should be highly suspicious of any medium who does. That being said, more often (MUCH more often) than not, the person whom you most wish to communicate with does make an appearance. In some cases they will give me a head's up when you first contact me, in an attempt to ease your worries or fears about them coming through. This is especially true if someone is highly emotional about the decision to book a reading or has been disappointed by a past reading. The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT piece of advice that I can give you is to trust in God, the Universe or whom/whatever you believe in to know whom you need to hear from and what you need to hear. It may not be who you think you need to hear from or maybe even who you want to hear from, but they always show up for a reason and they would not come through with a message unless it was for your good or for the greater good.

Q: Can you hear their voice or see exactly what they looked like?
A: Not unless I have seen them or heard their voice before, or if they sound like or are a dead ringer for you, someone famous, or that I know/have seen previously. The first way I am able to identify whom I am communicating with is a visual representation of a mother/father figure, husband/wife and so forth. They might also show me some identifying feature(s) such as hair color, build, facial hair or glasses. The voice that I hear is generally male or female, and fairly indistinct. If English was not their native language, or if there was something unique about their accent they will often revert back to it or try show me in this some way.

Q: How will I know that my loved one is truly present (that you are communicating with them)?
A: After the initial impressions described above, the next thing I pick up on is your loved one's personality or the part of their consciousness that survives physical death (the characteristics that made them who they were here on Earth). If there is any uncertainty about who I have on the "spirit hotline" –if you have a mother and a grandmother who you would be likely to hear from, for example– their "energy" (the way that they act and interact with me) usually clears up any confusion. I might pick up on whether they were wild and crazy or a rule follower; reserved and polite or extremely blunt; a sweet old lady or a grumpy old man. They will often give me their name or the names of others (living and/or deceased) who are important to them or to you; however, just as in life, some people are better at this than others, so I cannot guarantee that they will do so and I rely on the many other validations that they are able to share. Much of the interaction that I have with them feels like a game of charades. They act things out for me and throw in images, symbols, words, phrases and songs to help get their point across. As a language teacher I am used to translating and interpreting several languages, and Spirit Speak is simply a fifth language to me; one with an ever-expanding vocabulary, because I am constantly being shown new images, songs and symbols to add to the Spirit Dictionary.

Q: How can I help to ensure that I get the most out of my reading?
A: It is perfectly fine to come in with a bit of healthy skepticism (they call it healthy for a reason!), but you must also keep an open mind. I never want to know anything in advance, but once the reading has begun, I do need confirmation when information provided from the Other Side is on point so that I know we are moving in the right direction. My goal is for your loved ones to do most of the "talking", but a simple "Yes, that makes sense," or "No, I'm not sure I understand what that means," from you is sufficient to let me know whether I need to ask them for further clarification or move on. If you sit there stone faced and never say a word because you are afraid of "giving anything away", you will impede the process and get much less out of the experience because I will spend the entire time trying to eek out more "proof" that it is them, rather than getting to any important messages of love, thanks or apology that often come after your loved one has validated their presence. Finally, the better informed you are, the better you will understand the process and what to expect, so (especially if you have never been to a medium) I urge you to read the 'What to Expect' page before your reading.

Q: Will you let me know if you hear from my loved ones after my reading?
will not hear from your loved ones outside of your reading. As much I enjoy spending time with you and your loved ones in the Spirit World, I have read for hundreds of people... and if I were to get updates for everyone I’ve read for, I would be hounded by the dead 24/7 and have zero time to myself. When I was a developing medium (when I was still teaching high school and mediumship was a “hobby”), I heard from the Other Side just about anytime a family member, friend or acquaintance lost someone. Now that I am a professional medium, I devote my free time outside of work to the living; my husband, children & grandchildren.

Q: When should I book another reading?
A: There is no hard and fast rule. I see the majority of my clients once or twice a year. In general, I suggest waiting at least three months before connecting with your loved ones again, simply to give them something new to talk about. If you are booking your first reading with me and you’d like to hear from your loved ones and ask general questions about the future, book the 90 minute combination reading (Mediumship + General Psychic). We can usually cover both in subsequent readings in 60 minutes because we don’t have to waste any time on introductions and explanations. It is also much easier for me to connect with your energy and read for you after having become acquainted during our first session.

Q: What happens if I have a “bad” reading?
A: There is no such thing as a “bad” reading (I consider every experience an opportunity to learn), but there are times when the connection between a psychic and a client is less than optimal. This can occur when a client is not emotionally ready for a reading (after a recent loss), or if they come in with a fixed idea about what they want to hear, rather than with an open mind (especially where romance is concerned). Thankfully, out of the hundreds of readings that I have conducted, this has happened only a handful of times, and in each case we agreed to call it quits roughly halfway through the session and I happily refunded their money. To better understand why this can happen -and to avoid potentially wasting your time and money- please click on the following link and read further if you are at all nervous or hesitant about booking a reading: Why Readings Can Go Wrong


Q: What if someone shows up from the Other Side that I didn't like or don't want to hear from?

A: In most cases when an unwelcome visitor pops in from the Spirit World, it is to offer an apology or try to make amends for their bad behavior when they were alive. Doing so may or may not make you feel better, but it helps their soul to evolve and allows them to work on their karma going into the next life. As a medium I am obligated to assist souls on both sides, so I will always pass on their message. What you do with it is entirely up to you (and you will receive no judgment from me either way). I would never allow them to take over the reading, so if you not want to hear anything more from them, I will politely cut them off after the apology and steer the reading in a more positive direction. Anytime someone with really negative or crusty energy shows up from the Other Side, my dad (who was 6'2", 230 lbs. and spent his younger years fighting on the ice hockey rink or in bars) is always nearby acting as a "bouncer", so there's never any reason to worry that we won't be able to get rid of them.

Q: If I refer a family member to you, will you tell them what happened during my reading?

A: Absolutely not. I consider any information that comes through confidential; what happens during a reading stays there, unless you choose to share it with someone. To be honest, I see so many people (both living and dead), I rarely remember the names and details of any particular reading anyway. If something stands out about our time together and I'd like to use it in a blog or my next book, I will either get your permission to do so or change the names and details to be certain that your privacy is respected.

Q: Do skeptics or non-believers ever come through during readings?

A: Yes. I have met many a skeptic/non-believer from the Other Side during readings.  Regardless of why they didn't believe in what I do (religion, science or just a general fear of the unknown), they recognize the truth once they cross over and are just as anxious to communicate with the loved ones they left behind on earth as their more openminded counterparts. They will sometimes give me the side-eye or act shy or nervous at first so that I understand how they felt about my profession when they were alive. They have also been known to show me the things that they frowned upon (Harry Potter or The Wizards of Waverly Place, for example), or why they disapprove, so that you know it's them. I've been offered a broom or called a witch (in more than one language) countless times, but I am never offended. I'm neither a witch nor a magician, just your average mom/grandma with with an extra long antenna. They quickly sense this, and that I'm happy to be the messenger/middleman who's sole (or soul) purpose is to close the gap between two worlds so that you can reconnect, regain peace, and recognize that love never dies.

Q: Will you be able to solve any mysteries/tell me the family secrets that they kept hidden while they were alive?

A: Don't count on it. I am only privy to what they are willing to share with me. If I see an old school clothes line after you ask a question, it usually means that they were the type of person who refused to air their dirty laundry in life, and that very rarely changes after death. You might get lucky if there are two people up there with the knowledge you seek and one has looser lips, but in my experience most skeletons remain in the closet during readings. Dealing with quiet, shy or extremely private people can be quite a challenge on my end, but I do my best to approach them in the least invasive (nosy) way possible and squeeze as many solid validations out of them as I can during our time together.

Q: Can my loved ones in the Spirit World help me to find lost items?

A: It depends. If they are the one who "hid" the item, or if they happen to have been visiting you from the Other Side when the object went missing or was misplaced, it is possible for them to help out. Although they are still with you in spirit and probably spend a fair amount of time checking in on you, they also have very busy and full lives on the Other Side and aren't stalking you 24/7... so chances are slim  that they caught you losing that ring or necklace. When someone asks a question like this, I usually take it straight to St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of lost things, and (unless the item is truly lost/irretrievable), I receive helpful information psychically from him or my Spirit Guides.

Q: Can animals communicate from the Spirit World?

A: Absolutely. Most of us consider our pets to be family members and, just like our human relatives, they have souls and remain connected to us in the Afterlife. I have done readings aimed solely at connecting pet owners with their fur babies, but they more often show up during traditional (human) readings when your dearly departed want to reassure you that Fido or Fluffy is with them. Dogs and cats make frequent appearances, but I've also been visited by birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles and horses. In my experience, horses and dogs are by far the best communicators.

Q: Do you see dead people 24/7?

A: No. If I did I would get nothing done. Those in the Spirit World have to make an effort to get my attention. My head starts tingling, which alerts me to a presence, and then I have to tune in to see who is trying to communicate with or through me. If they are confused or "stuck" on the earthly plane or have chosen to come closer for an urgent visit, I do my best to help them out and/or get them back where they belong. Sometimes loved ones will come through early (wake me in the night or early in the morning) before a reading, but I've gotten better at setting boundaries and can usually get them to go back to the "waiting room" (sometimes my dad helps out by escorting them there). When I was in training, I would answer any time my head would start tingling, but now that I talk to the dead for a living I do not accept any visits unless the person they are trying to reach is right in front of me (in my office, over Zoom, or on the street). If I did not set these boundaries with the Spirit World, I would definitely be hounded 24/7 by those wishing to communicate with every living person that I know or have met. 

Q: Do you ever deliver messages to strangers when you are out and about?

A: Yes. I have been known to deliver messages on my daily walks through the neighborhood, at stores and restaurants, or anywhere else that I go. I've also surprised people on planes and in cars (which is the only time I'm ever scared, because you never know how the person Uber driver is going to react while driving!?) I've long since given up trying to get a massage (or to get my teeth cleaned) without being interrupted by someone from the Spirit World. I'm very talkative and have never met a stranger (I will talk to anyone, alive or dead), which is probably one of the reasons I was given this gift... I'm not the least bit shy about walking up to someone and saying, "Do you by chance have a Grandma Ginny who is no longer with us?" My family is used to this behavior as well, and they graciously smile and nod, or step away if they happen to be with me when my head starts tingling.

Q: Why are readings with mediums so expensive?

A: The main reason that a reading with a fully developed, reputable psychic medium costs $150 or more per hour is supply and demand. There are simply not that many people out there who can do what we do - provide highly evidential proof of communication with the Other Side - on a consistent basis. Another is that I each reading requires me to expend a lot of energy before, during and after. I spend at least 30 minutes preparing for your arrival, give 110% while we are together, and it also takes me time to ground (or come back down to earth) afterwards. All told, a one-hour reading takes up about two hours of my time... sometimes more if your people in the Spirit World are persistent and follow me around all day.

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Before becoming a professional psychic medium, Beth taught high school French, Spanish, Italian and ESOL. In addition to conducting mediumship and general psychic readings across the country and abroad, she is also conducts paranormal investigations and offers psychic development mentoring for adults and children. Her book, Madame Medium: Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium was written to help others uncover and hone their own intuitive abilities. Beth lives just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, with her husband, Scott, their dog, Waffle, and their resident house spirit.

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