The Future is Bright: What to Expect at a General Psychic Reading

A Private General Psychic Reading works much the same way that a Private Mediumship Reading does in terms of my process or how I receive and interpret the information; the difference is whom I receive the intel from. During a mediumship reading, the information comes directly from your dearly departed (friends and fam in the Spirit World), with assistance provided by my trusted Spirit Guides and Angels. During a General Psychic Reading, which focuses on health, career and relationships, most of what I get comes from Spirit Guides and Angels. They may not give me the answer to every question about your past, present or future, but these messengers from the Spirit World always want what is best for you and they work very hard to provide me with information that will help you through tough times and with difficult decisions. As I explained in an earlier blog post, all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. This is important to understand because I am a medium and therefore able to communicate with the dead, so there is a high probability that someone from the Other Side may interrupt your general reading with an important message from the Other Side, either for you or for someone that you know. If you are not comfortable with this, you should seek out a reputable psychic who does not have mediumship abilities. At one point I decided to put the brakes on general psychic readings to focus on mediumship readings alone because I felt that was the best use of my gifts, being that there are far fewer mediums out there than basic psychics (or “intuitives” as they often call themselves these days). As more and more of my mediumship clients began contacting me for follow-up general readings, I realized that I very much enjoyed helping people in this way as well and decided to offer them again as an option on my website. I also realized very quickly that those on the Other Side enjoy these follow-up readings just as much and they will often pop back in with an opinion about what is going on in your life... especially mothers and grandmothers, who love to continue their role as helicopter parents from Above.

Another way that general psychic readings differ from mediumship readings is that they are more client-directed. I will share my general impressions or anything that I have gotten in advance, but I leave a lot of our time together open for your questions. One of the most frequently asked questions is "Will I be stuck in this job or relationship forever?" The answer is always the same and no psychic skills are required: ABSOLUTELY NOT. I can tune in and share the possibilities that are shown to me for you, but in the end it is up to you to act on the opportunities presented by the Universe. It is your decision to take the chance or accept the challenge that will lead to a brighter future... or to remain stuck. With this in mind, please please PLEASE come with an open mind and as positive a mindset as you can muster. I recognize that you may be making an appointment with me precisely because you are feeling stuck or less than stellar about where you are in life, but coming in with the right attitude and a little faith in the possibility of things changing for the better helps immensely.

Health Information
The three main topics covered in a general psychic reading are health, career and relationships. Before you come for your reading I will often get a little "preview" of what the main focus will be. I no longer use Tarot cards, but I read them for friends and family for over 30 years and my Guides now use them to show me what might be of interest to you. Instead of shuffling the deck and having you choose cards, I might be shown clairvoyantly one or two cards that represent your current situation. The Four of Cups indicates general dissatisfaction, for example. If I see it paired with the Three of Swords, I know that romance is the issue. The Three of Swords alone might also indicate a minor health crisis or surgery, but more often than not I will sense or actually feel any physical issues you may be having empathically via clairsentience, rather than being shown a card. Migraines are a common complaint and, although I am prone to them myself, the Universe makes sure that I never suffer from one during a reading, so if I feel one coming on just before someone arrives, I know this is an indicator that this is their health issue rather than my own. My symptoms fade away as soon as I make a mental note or jot it down, as do any other phantom symptoms or sympathy pains that I get in advance of a reading. I often feel a milder version of someone's joint pain or stomach issues, and I may also get twitches or "pinging" in some area of my body indicating that you are experiencing an issue in that general area. I once had a sharp poking sensation in my left ankle just before a client showed up complaining about a nasty splinter she'd just gotten in that same location, for example. I will do a health scan upon request, but there is no need to get anxious about this because I do not receive "bad news". Any information that I get will be about a past or current health concern, or preventative in nature. If I am shown that you should watch your sugar intake, it is because you are prone to diabetes, not because you are meant to be plagued with fear over the looming threat of losing a limb or a future coma induced by the disease. It is merely a head's up to be more conscious about what you ingest... a gentle reminder that you perhaps need to cut back on the cupcakes, candy or soda. I am not a doctor, but at least one of my Spirit Guides was, and they are able to share things about your health that sometimes don't even make sense to me until I google them. I might hear all or part of the name of a medication I've never heard of, or the latin name of an illness, which lets me know that the intel is coming from Above (and legit)... and that we need to pay further attention to anything else that is shared. As a part of a preview I once heard "pruritus", googled it, and found that it is the fancy medicalese word for "itching". Sure enough, the person that showed up next had recently been dealing with hives in reaction to an unknown allergen. Many times the advice that I get from the Universe is to find a way to reduce the stressors in your life because, as I have been shown over and over again, dis-ease (being anxious or stressed) is the number one root of any disease you may have dealt with in the past or are dealing with at present.

Career Information
Most people spend at least eight hours a day engaged in some activity which they consider their livelihood, so it is not surprising that many come looking for reassurance of some sort pertaining to their "day job". As I mentioned earlier, no one is stuck in a job (or any other situation) unless they choose to be and, in my opinion, it is never too late to reinvent oneself and become what you want to be. People come to me whether they are simply in a rut or desperately in need of a change in career path, and I have many symbols for careers. I frequently see scrubs for someone who is in the medical field, a bunch of numbers to indicate a job that involves accounting, finance or engineering, or an apple floating above someone's head to indicate the field of education, to name just a few. Sometimes what I am shown is not the field that you are currently in, but one that you have considered pursuing. I won't go into past and current lives here, but when this occurs, I take it as a sign that you may be feeling less than fulfilled because you are not employed in a profession that serves your Soul Purpose, or the reason that you are here on Earth. I recently had a young, beautiful, highly intelligent woman come for a reading. I was shown that she had a career involving facts and figures (she was an accountant), but was dissatisfied and at a crossroads. When I was shown scrubs, she shared that she had always wanted to be a doctor, but had decided it was too expensive and would take too long. She had changed accounting firms a few times in the hopes of being more satisfied in her current field, to no avail, and was looking for suggestions and insights. She confessed that she had been to see another psychic who had also seen her in the medical field. I was quickly shown a couple of possible shifts she could make in her current career, but I felt strongly that the most important thing I had given her was a "second opinion" on what she already knew in her soul... that she would never be truly happy as an accountant (no matter how big the firm or the paycheck) because she was meant to be a healer. Another time I read for a realtor who was concerned about finances as she approached the market's slow season. I was shown two $500,000 sales and she confirmed that she had recently closed two such deals. I then saw $1.2 million and could only assume (and hope!) that this was in relation to a future contract. She contacted me the following month for another reading and reported that a deal for $1.2 million had come across her desk the day after her first reading! That particular deal did not go through (the property had already been sold), but she was still working with the client and hoped to find them something similar in price. The take away here is that rather than being disappointed by the loss of the initial high dollar sale that I had seen, she chose to be excited about her future prospects, buoyed up by of the accuracy of what I had received and delivered about her previous and upcoming sales. Bottom line, I can show you the possibilities, but I don't have a magic wand that will bring them to fruition... you have to be willing to set goals based on the information given and work towards achieving them.

Relationship Information
If the only thing holding you back from the life of your dreams is a lack of support from your friends, family or significant other, we may need to look more closely at your relationships. I find this area to be the most difficult (and at times frustrating) for a host of reasons. The main source of my frustration comes down to the old cliché, Love is Blind. Most people simply refuse to see a relationship, especially a romantic one, as it truly is. They come to me clinging to the hope (and hoping that I will tell them) that things will change. During a reading I may get the names of past, current and/or future romantic partners, or I may be shown what these significant other(s) look like physically. I am also often shown why a relationship has or hasn't worked out from a soul level perspective. Everyone of significance comes into our lives for a reason, and it is often to help our souls advance in the most important aspect of all, our ability to love and be loved. Not all of these souls are meant to remain in our lives forever and it can be difficult to let go when the time comes. This is the one area that I've come to expect someone's deceased mother or grandmothers to pop up and chime in during a reading. These loving souls are energetically connected to you, aware of what is going on in your life, and all too happy to share their opinion... for better or worse. I have found that their assessments are pretty spot on, but ultimately the decision is up to you and, more often than not, an overwhelming majority of people stay in crappy relationships longer than is necessary to learn the intended soul lesson, despite what I am shown by the Universe or their dearly departed. I myself have plenty of experience in this area, having been married twice (once for almost twenty years and once for less than three) before finally finding my soulmate. I learned a lot from my previous relationships and am often shown some aspect about them to help me understand what you are going through. I groan inside when I see that you may be in a relationship akin to my second, short-lived marriage, but I am thrilled when I'm shown my current husband because it means that you have either found the man of your dreams or will at some point in the future. As you may have guessed based on my marital history, I have experienced my fair share of drama. I no longer welcome it in any form in my life and therefore will not entertain questions about cheating partners. Number one, If you believe that someone is not being faithful, you need not waste your time (or money) asking me, because deep down you already know the answer. Trust your instincts and their actions (as opposed to their words). Number two, I do not need any angry exes showing up at my door and blaming me for the demise of your relationship, thank you very much. I do find it fun and exciting to look into someone's romantic future, provided that they are excited and open to the possibilities as well. I once had a woman come to me dissatisfied with every aspect of her life, especially her love life. I was shown many positive developments that were possible, if she was willing to make a few adjustments (mainly in mindset and attitude). Sadly, she was either unable or unwilling, citing time constraints involving her heinous work commute and special needs cats as barriers to any future happiness. Yes, you read that right. Basically, unless Prince Charming was willing to spontaneously appear on her doorstep and leap over several diabetic felines, she just couldn't see it happening. Under such circumstances, neither could I. Rule #1 (and #2 and #3): You MUST BE OPEN to the possibilities presented. In cases such as this, I usually suggest reading my blog posts that deal with expectations, mindset and energy balancing in order to prepare yourself for the fabulous future that you deserve! If you are interested in a reading focused on your love life (especially if you have just ended a relationship and are heartbroken), please read my Romance Reading FAQs before you book!

A few final notes on general psychic readings. Please do not be afraid of what I might see in your future, nor of me judging you. I will never share bad news, health or otherwise, unless it can help you by preventing something "bad" from happening. I'm not a perfect person, nor any more special than you or anyone else. I swear like a sailor and have been a hostage to hormones just like every other female on the planet. I think of myself as a human with an extra long antenna, whose goal is to make you feel comfortable while we are together, and feeling better on your way out of my office than you did coming in. Each reading is unique and the examples I have given are meant to highlight what anyone needs to be aware of when coming for a general reading: a good psychic will be able to validate information about your past and present, and show you future possibilities, but they cannot make them happen for you. You must be a willing and active participant in creating a better and brighter future for yourself.

For more information on general psychic readings, click here: GENERAL PSYCHIC FAQs 


Before becoming a professional psychic medium, Beth taught high school French, Spanish, Italian and ESOL. In addition to conducting mediumship and general psychic readings across the country and abroad, she is also conducts paranormal investigations and offers psychic development mentoring for adults and children. Her book, Madame Medium: Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium , was written to help others uncover and hone their own intuitive abilities. Beth lives just outside of Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, Scott, their dog, Waffle, and their resident house spirit.

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