Romance Readings: Your FAQs Answered


There are a few important things to consider before booking a General Psychic Reading that focuses on your love life. First and foremost, you must be in a good place emotionally, and open to receiving the guidance given by the wise souls governing our time together from the Other Side. The Spirit World always has our best interest in mind, but there is only so much our Guides and Angels can do if we are unwilling or unable to accept the truths that they present to us. If you are feeling emotionally unstable, or perhaps just looking for someone to make you feel better by telling you what you want to hear, as opposed to what you need to hear, you will most likely be wasting your time and money. If deep down you know that a relationship made you miserable but you are not yet able to let go of it, for example, you should put the reading on hold until you are able see and approach things more clearly and logically.

The following FAQs should help you better understand what you can expect from a romance reading. Please review them before you book yours.

Note: General Psychic & Romance Readings are currently unavailable.

Q: Will you tell me if my significant other is cheating on me?
A: No. While I can certainly sympathize with your plight (been there, done that), I will not entertain questions about cheaters. My own experience -and my Guides- have shown me that this question is best answered by your own gut instinct or intuition. In most cases, if you have to ask, you probably already know the answer, but are perhaps not yet willing or able to face a painful truth. Furthermore, I have reached a very peaceful point in life and refuse to invite in any unnecessary drama. I don’t need any disgruntled or crazy exes showing up at my door with a machete, blaming me for the demise of a toxic relationship.

Q: Will you tell me if my significant other will dump me?

No. This falls under the “no bad news” category. I might be shown that someone is untrustworthy or has unstable energy (both of which lend themselves to future bad behavior), but I will not be shown if someone is about to dump you. That news would only fill you with anxiety about something that you have no control over (the future bad behavior of others). If this happens to you shortly after a reading, try to remember that everyone comes into our lives for a reason, a season or a lesson. I know getting ‘dumped’ can be difficult, but why waste time pining after someone who isn’t 100% into you? There are over 7 billion people in the world. Trust me when I tell you that at least one of them will give you the 100% that you deserve.

Q: I just went through a breakup and am heartbroken. Can you tell me if we will get back together?
A: This is a tough one because, as much as I want to help you heal, many people who come to me too soon after a painful breakup are not emotionally ready to absorb and accept the advice that is given. I suggest waiting a bit to make an appointment, because your energy can be unstable or out of whack, making it difficult for me to read you at all. The grief that follows the end of a romantic relationship can be just as disruptive to your energy (and to a reading) as the loss of a loved one who has passed away. Give it AT LEAST a couple of months. If you can think about the person or listen to ‘your song’ without falling apart, you are probably ready. I cannot stress enough that you will be wasting your time and money if you are heartbroken and simply hoping to hear that the object of your affection will soon return to you. You cannot force someone to feel something that they don’t. If they didn’t recognize and appreciate how lucky they were to have you in the first place, they probably won’t when you give them a second chance either.

Q: Will I be stuck in this relationship forever?
A: Absolutely not, and you don't need a psychic to tell you this. Being stuck in any circumstance is a choice. Read that again. It is 100% your choice. If you no longer want to be in your current relationship, get out now or start working on a game plan and get out ASAP. Nothing is keeping you there but you. Not the Universe, not fate or destiny, just you. And please don't tell me you can't afford to leave. I was a single mother of two who was largely supporting my parents (who also lived with me) when I decided to ditch my second husband. I could not do this on my teacher salary, so I got a second job. I still struggled financially, but I was one thousand times happier alone with my red wine and pizza rolls than I had been in the marriage. I chose to find a solution and got out. It was a dysfunctional relationship, but I learned a lot from it and then moved on. The end.

NOTE: Please pause to ask yourself why you are staying in an unhappy relationship (aside from financial concerns). Are you worried about what other people will think? If so, f*ck that! If it makes you feel any better, I am on my third marriage and the happiest I have ever been. I never once considered what anyone other than my daughters thought about my marriages/divorces. As painful as endings can be, I am certain that each time I chose what was not only best for me, but for everyone involved. If you have children, an easy way to do a reality check of your relationship is to ask yourself, "If my child were in the same situation, what would I want or encourage them to do?"... then follow your own good advice.

Q: I really want to meet someone but hate to leave the house. Will Prince (or Princess) Charming magically appear at my door one day?
A: Not unless you wind up falling in love with whoever shows up to deliver your pizza. I'm a homebody by nature and have never been one to hang out at bars, so I get it when clients aren't keen to find love grinding in a club. If you are at all similar to me, I am usually shown that you should do some online dating (I met my Prince Charming on eharmony), or take a friend up on that offer to set you up on a blind date. Hard Truth: If you aren't willing to step outside of your comfort zone in the slightest, you may have to settle for that pizza delivery guy or gal.

Q: Can you tell me if the person I am with is my Soulmate?
A: Sometimes. While I do believe in soulmates and Twin Flames, I don't like to get hung up on these labels. I prefer to focus on whether or not the relationship is healthy for you and will help you to achieve all that the Universe has in store for you during this lifetime. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason, particularly those with whom we form romantic attachments. Although I am occasionally shown that two people are clearly destined to be together for the long haul, I am more often shown whether they are a good energetic match, or whether one soul is at a much higher level of growth and meant to teach the other something during their time together, however brief or long that may be.

Q: Can my deceased loved ones give their opinion about someone I'm currently dating?
A: Yes, and this often happens if you have scheduled a combination Mediumship + General Psychic Reading, or if you have been to see me for a Mediumship Reading and then come back for a General Psychic Reading. The important thing to remember is that this is just their opinion. They are still energetically connected to (and watching over) you. They are not, however, psychic and do not know anything about the person you are involved with beyond what they see when you are with that person. You may be comforted by their opinions or advice, but you do not have to take it. I have read for one widow several times. Her deceased husband just loves to chime in with the names of the people she has swiped right on or met for drinks. He usually follows up with a very strong opinion about the man in question. He is quite a character and we both get a kick out of these opinions, but she recognizes that, ultimately, it is up to her to choose the protagonist of the next chapter in her book of love.

Q: Can you tell me if the person I am dating is a good match for me, or if they are "The One"?
A: Yes, and I will happily do so. Unlike your loved ones on the Other Side, my Spirit Guides are psychic and can give an accurate and unbiased opinion about anyone. I am usually shown one or two thumbs up (or down) to indicate how well-matched you are. While I do not receive "bad news", I do receive warnings. If I am shown two red flags, this is a good indication that the person has some serious issues or is not good for you. If I am shown two wedding bands, it does not necessarily mean that you will marry the person, but it definitely lets me know that there is longterm potential. More often than not I will be shown odds or percentages, like "50/50" or "70/30". This is because everything that happens is a combination of destiny and free will. Someone may be put in your life to teach you a lesson (you were destined to meet them for that lesson). If you exercise free will and choose to reject that person before learning the lesson, the Universe will place someone else in your path who is equally capable of teaching you. In some cases the original person comes back around a second time to help you better understand the lesson, or to better understand unhealthy patterns that keep repeating themselves in your relationships.

NOTE: If you are in a "good place" and currently dating, but don't trust your own instincts (are afraid of making the same mistake twice), and simply want a "read" on someone (or a few potential matches that you have photos of), you may want to consider booking a Mini General Psychic Reading (30 minutes) for that purpose.

The greatest lesson that every single soul is here to learn is to love oneself and others unconditionally, which is exactly what each relationship we enter into is meant to help us do. I love to give single people assistance in choosing a healthy relationship and hope for the future, but the reality of it is that love is not only blind, but often deaf and dumb as well. In truth, I often find these readings to be the most frustrating because people are less inclined to follow up on the advice given from Above than in any other type of reading. I don't mean to discourage you... I have had plenty of happy clients reach out later to validate names and dates from a session, or to report that they took Spirit's advice about a toxic relationship and are in a much better place for having done so. If you come in with an open heart and mind, you may just be given that same spark of hope needed to put you on the path to finding the love and joy that we each deserve in a relationship. 

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Before becoming a professional psychic medium, Beth taught high school French, Spanish, Italian and ESOL. In addition to conducting mediumship and general psychic readings across the country and abroad, she is also conducts paranormal investigations and offers psychic development mentoring for adults and children. Her book, Madame Medium: Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium was written to help others uncover and hone their own intuitive abilities. Beth lives just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, with her husband, Scott, their dog, Waffle, and their resident house spirit.

To learn more about Beth, her book, and the other services that she offers, visit


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