What to Expect at a Past Life Reading

If you've ever asked yourself, "What did I do in a past life to deserve this?", you have probably always understood reincarnation and karma on an intuitive level and would likely benefit from a Past Life/Current Life Reading. While the concept of reincarnation and past lives may be new to you, it has been around for millennia. The word reincarnation means the rebirth of a soul in a new body. Past Life Psychic Readings and Past Life Regression Therapy are both designed to identify events and patterns in relationships that you have carried over into your current life, which may be hindering you in some way... often in your relationships with yourself or others. Past Life Regression Therapy is done by a certified hypnotist whose training allows you to delve into and experience one or more of your previous lives. This differs from a Past Life Psychic Reading, during which a psychic such as myself taps into to the Akashic Records (that part of the Universe where information about previous lives is stored), in order to identify who you used to be so that you can better understand what makes you tick in this life. Glimpses from past lives can shed light on our innate abilities, any phobias we may have, or why we are attracted to certain places and enjoy certain things, while we loathe others. I am quite certain, for instance, that I have spent time in France in a past life based on the fact that I picked the language up very quickly and instantly felt at home in Paris from the moment I stepped off the plane during my first visit. It can also help you to understand why certain things have happened to you in this life from a karmic perspective, and what you might do to better tackle the challenges and lessons presented to you in the here and now based on the karma (the past life baggage, be it good or bad) that you have carried into this life.

The past life psychic readings that I offer last 90 minutes and work much the same way that a general psychic reading does. Shortly before you arrive, I begin to tune into your energy and start receiving  information and forming impressions about your current life and at least one previous life. I may be given names or other information about people who are in your life now, as well as a general idea of what we will focus on during the reading, whether it be a relationship with a parent, child or significant other, or some other road block or challenge you are facing now or may have confronted in the past. I will also be shown glimpses into the time period and circumstances in which you have lived previously. My Spirit Guides usually accomplish the latter with clips from movies that I have seen. The Red Violin is one of my favorite films and follows the history and travels of the title instrument over several centuries, so it is a treasure trove in terms of what I can be shown in order to understand a client's past lives. Before I even began doing past life readings, one client asked a question about future children and I immediately sensed that she was not only ambivalent about having children, but that she was petrified by the idea of giving birth. When I asked, she confirmed these impressions and I was immediately shown a scene from The Red Violin in which a woman dies during childbirth, which explained her current birthing phobia. The character's death takes place during the Italian Renaissance and I knew then that I was being shown further information about the same past life. Based on other clairvoyant images, I asked whether she was highly creative and enjoyed drawing, painting and writing in this life, and those were in fact all things that she was currently engaged in either professionally or for pleasure. A few more snippets from that movie, as well as a glimpse into another life during the second world war (during which she was a journalist who had never married) further explained her aptitude for writing, her fierce independence, her willingness to pick up and move anywhere, and her ambivalence not only about children, but about the institution of marriage as well. By the time I was reading for her, she had found the right person and decided to give marriage a go, and I while I couldn't say for sure whether she would ultimately have children (she was at a crossroads and many decisions involve free will in such instances), she was reassured when I told her that the opportunity to have children was clearly present (so she should be very careful in the future if she decided she didn't want them!?). Most importantly, I was shown that she need not worry about dying while giving birth during this lifetime if she did say yes to motherhood.

More often than not when people come for a past life reading, they are interested in learning more about their relationships and what has drawn or bound them to the romantic partners in their current life, but I am also often shown why they have struggled with other family relationships (parents, siblings or children) based on unfinished business or karma that they have carried over from previous incarnations. Life here on Earth is much more difficult than anything that we encounter on the Other Side between lives, but we can learn and accomplish a great deal in a relatively short amount of time in terms of soul growth (50-100 years is the blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things). Before we decide to reincarnate, we make a contract of sorts. This soul contract includes who our parents, partners and other key players in our lives will be, along with our Soul Purpose (what we are meant to do with our lives and the major life lessons we are meant to focus on). I did past life readings for two women, both of whom happened to be young widows, one day apart. The first reading involved a woman who had previously come to me for a mediumship reading, so I was already well-acquainted with her deceased husband, whom I'll call George.  She wanted to understand why she had felt so drawn to her husband, as well as why things hadn't worked out with a different man (we'll call him Doug) whom she had known before she met her husband and with whom she had recently reconnected. She was also wondering why she had gone through some early trauma and struggled so much in her relationships with her parents early on in life. The "preview" I got before she came showed me that in a past life she had reversed roles with her parents (she was the parent) and that she carried the "mistakes" that she had made with them into this life. The good news was that although her early life was riddled with abuse and unhealthy relationships, through her own determination (and some parenting help from George), she had not repeated these same toxic patterns with her own children. She had gone on to be a warm and loving mother who shares a very close relationship with her children and grandchildren, thus mastering one of her main life lessons and breaking a negative karmic cycle... and ensuring that she would not encounter these same struggles in future lives. She was relieved to hear that although her parents' lives were pretty much still a dumpster fire, she would not have to take part in any future life family drama that they might encounter based on their inability to love others unconditionally.

As I mentioned earlier, most of the information that I receive about past lives comes from my Spirit Guides via the Akashic Records. This is because we do not remember all of the crap from past lives (if we did, we would probably say "Thanks but no thanks!" to coming back again). Once we are back in the Spirit World, however, we do have access to all of our own lives, because it helps us to make a game plan for the next go round. Based on this, George was able (and eager) to share details about their previous life together in the wild west, where he was a sheriff's deputy and she was a prostitute at a saloon. She was not in the least phased or offended by this somewhat dubious history, nor was she surprised to hear that he had been her best customer, based on the crazy chemistry that they had shared from the moment they met - in a bar -in this life! She had also recently built a bar in their basement and named it in his honor. The setting of their past life together also made sense to her because George had always been a huge fan of westerns and that era in history. As for Doug, he showed up in that same life as a very prim and proper gentleman who had been attracted to her as well, but feared the social repercussions (tarnishing his reputation), so had steered clear in order to avoid temptation. I was shown that she was meant to fulfill the roles of wife and mother with George this time around (which is why she initially chose him over Doug twenty-some years ago), but that Doug came back into the picture to help her get through the pain of losing George, and to bring much-needed peace and calm to the second half of her life after her happy but super passionate and tumultuous time with George (who was not at all threatened by Doug, btw, because he considered him to be boring/"no competition" in either life! lol!)

The second woman that I read for that day had lost her husband of thirty years, who had been about fifteen years older than she. Although she had had mediumship readings before and was looking to focus on past lives and her prospects for the future, her husband immediately made an appearance, introduced himself by name (I'll call him Robert here), and got us off to a great start by sharing a lot of information that she was able to validate, including the name of the man whom she was currently interested in (let's call him John). Robert was also able to shed some light on a past life that they had shared together during Elizabethan times where he had been her father (which explained why she had felt protected and nurtured by him in this life). I thanked Robert for his participation, and my Guides took over once we turned to the subject of John. The client and John were drawn together like magnets (they shared much more physical chemistry than she had with Robert), and she felt certain that he had shown up at a time when she most needed him, yet she was hesitant because he was so different from what she was used to in a man. I was shown that they had spent at least two lives together. The first movie clip that I saw was from Pear Harbor, and I sensed that she had been a nurse and he had been in the Navy during this period in history. When I described what I was seeing and asked if any of it resonated with her, she looked a bit incredulous and said, "Yes, it does. I am a nurse now and John was in the Navy!" I saw that they had been in love during that lifetime, but had been separated by the war and had only spent a short time together. The next images that flashed in front of me were from the movie Far and Away, in which Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are Irish immigrants from very different social casts who fall in love while trying to build a life during the pioneer times in the United States. I felt that, unlike the characters in the movie, they had not been able to go public and had once again shared a doomed love affair. She then let it be known that Doug was highly intuitive and told her he felt that they had been together in past lives... he saw them in pioneer times and unable to be together because they were separated by war. Not surprisingly, my whole body tingled in confirmation of what we had both seen about their past lives together. I also got two thumbs up from my Guides about their future prospects as a couple in this life, where they were clearly being given a third chance to conclude some unfinished (and hot and steamy) business.

A Past Life Reading can be both enlightening and entertaining but, as always, it is important to come in with realistic expectations. You may have noticed that none of the stories that I shared involved someone having been Cleopatra or Marie Antoinette in a past life. There are roughly 7.8 BILLION souls living here on Earth, and at least that many on the Other Side, so the chances of you having been one of these women (or DaVinci or Einstein) are slim to none. The examples shared above represent just a fraction of what was covered in each reading, but you are not going to learn every detail about every life you have lived in the span of 90 minutes. You should, however, gain insight into how attitudes and events from one or two of your past lives are affecting you at present. You will also (hopefully!) begin to understand karma and how the baggage you may carry in this life from past lives can help to explain why certain things happen, as well as the importance of when they happen and who they involve.

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Before becoming a professional psychic medium, Beth taught high school French, Spanish, Italian and ESOL. In addition to conducting mediumship and general psychic readings across the country and abroad, she is also conducts paranormal investigations and offers psychic development mentoring for adults and children. Her book, Madame Medium: Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium , was written to help others uncover and hone their own intuitive abilities. Beth lives just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, with her husband, Scott, their dog, Waffle, and their resident house spirit.

To learn more about Beth, her book, and the other services that she offers, visit bethparkermedium.com


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