How to Recognize the Signs Spirit is Sending

It's a sign... isn't it? YASSSS, girlfriend, YASSS!!! Trust me when I say it is no coincidence that you see robins or cardinals  nearly every day from April thru October, or that a butterfly literally pops out of nowhere (and flies in your face or follows you) whenever you take a walk, or that you wake up at exactly 3:33 am every morning, or find the same coin over and over. This is your loved ones trying to make their presence known. To clarify, it is not actually your loved ones... they haven't turned into a bird or a butterfly or a dime... it is them using their energy to manipulate the objects in your environment in a way that you will notice and (hopefully) appreciate.

As a medium, I am used to seeing and accepting signs and symbols as a regular part of the language that I use when communicating with Spirit, but most people (even those who practically get slapped in the face with the same sign every day), often come to me wanting or needing confirmation that what they are experiencing is in fact a sign from their loved ones. Helping Spirit validate or prove that it is them is one of the best parts of my job. Most of the time Spirit will show me an image (a coin, feather, bird, butterfly...) or play me a song during your reading related to the sign or signs that they have been putting in your path. Some overachieving Spirits, however, blow even my well-trained mind before, during and/or after a reading with their creativity and ingenuity. Here is a bit more explanation of how signs work, alongside a few of the more interesting things that I have experienced with clients, or that they have shared with me as a follow up to their readings.

Coincidence or synchronicity? In my world, there is no such thing as a coincidence... I have learned to pay attention to and make note of anything that the Universe throws in my path or makes sure that I see over and over. If my down-filled throw pillows start molting and leaving feathers everywhere, I grab one and put it in my office so I remember to mention it at my upcoming reading because I know that someone due to show up either also has cushions that are spewing bird fur, or is finding random feathers on a regular basis. Ditto on pennies, dimes and other coins that mysteriously pop up in my laundry or on my floor just before a reading. They are never for me because, quite frankly, I don't need any signs to know your people (or mine) are present.  Spirit can have a real field day with your cell phone, radio and other electronics as well. Is your car radio switching stations on its own? Does your or your loved one's favorite singer or song come on just as you are thinking about them? Not a coincidence. I promise. I once had a deceased dad blurt out, "Crosby, Stills & Nash!", as a couple was preparing to leave my office. Dad had also suggested that his daughter get back into her favorite pastime, gardening. Not only had he named of one of the couple's favorite bands and his daughter's hobby of choice, but the next day when she decided to take dad's advice, guess what came on the radio when she had her hands back in the dirt? Yep. Crosby, Stills & Nash. Coincidence? I think not.

What about animals, you ask? Spirit just loves using flora and fauna (aka all manner of plants, animals & wildlife) to give you a poke. If I hear the song Rockin' Robin, I know to ask if there is anyone named Robin in the family... and if there isn't, 10 out of 10 times someone has just seen a robin or another species of bird, or has been seeing a plethora of birds that their loved ones have managed to put directly in their path. Butterflies, hummingbirds and dragonflies are also popular with the deceased, but I've also had a few cases of deer literally coming out of the woodwork (or up to the window) courtesy of their dearly departed. The tap-tap-tapping of little paws across your floor when you no longer have pets is a telltale sign that your pet(s) who have passed are trying to make their presence known. You may also feel a tingling sensation or a cool breeze at your ankles (at pet-level) as you reminisce fondly about BooBoo the cat or Spot the dog. Both are signs. Sudden inexplicable changes in room temperature or the behavior of your living pets can also help you discern when Spirit is present. Animals are generally much more sensitive to the Spirit World than we humans are, so if your furry friends are acting wonky or staring in a strange way at a particular area (or flat out refuse to enter a certain room or area), and you suspect that someone is paying you a visit, trust your gut... whether the hair also stands up on your neck or not, it's a sign.

As I said earlier, the little things that normal people brush off as they go through the day rarely escape my attention because I don't want to miss anything your people want me to notice. The other day I was removing my kitchen cabinet drawers to repaint them and found a penny (not so unusual) and a lice/nit comb (very unusual and a lil nasty), both left by the previous owners in what I referred to as our very own Harvest Gold Hell circa 1975. I made a note of it and asked about both items when two lovely women arrived for their reading that evening. Not only was one of them finding and saving pennies that she knew were signs from her mom, but the other had had a huge issue with head lice as a kid (thanks to a crusty school bus seat that probably hadn't seen a clorox wipe since the Nixon administration). I also received a text from one of them a few days later saying that her stepdaughter's school had called to report that she now had lice as well... this call came on the first school day following the reading!?

I could literally write an entire book on this subject, but I will instead share the abridged version of an especially sign-filled week that stands out among the rest. It began with a second reading for a client named Amanda, whom I had connected with her family on a previous occasion. I had found a random dime on the floor of my basement the day before and forgotten, so her brother showed me another dime during the reading, and when I asked what was up with the dimes she said "OMG!? I keep finding this same dime in different places on the floor.  Every time it happens, I put it back on the dresser, and every time I come back in, it is somewhere else on the floor!?" I assured her that it was just her brother playing tricks on her (which he had been known to do in life as well).  Shortly after she left I received a text from her saying: "Look what I found as soon as I walked in after the reading!" (accompanied by a picture of the dime on the floor)!  ...but that was just the beginning.

The next day I was straightening up before another client, Chrissy, arrived and I found another dime.  Next to it I also found one of the guardian angel coins that I get in the mail for donating to a well-known charity.  I placed them both in my office as a reminder to bring them up. As expected, Chrissy had also been finding dimes, left by her grandma, Nanny Rose. The angel coin was significant as well, for other reasons. I'm way over being surprised by the crazy connections that are like common threads connecting several readings in a row (3 clients might find dimes, followed by 3 more who are finding feathers, or a successive batch of butterfly-filled readings), but Chrissy's Nanny Rose threw signs at both of us before, during and after our meeting like no other!?

She lined up the first two coins before the readingHere's a recap of what occurred during and after:

DURING THE READING: Nanny Rose showed me some candles and a song that always means Christmas for timing. When I asked what was up with that, Chrissy informed me that she had bought some battery-operated candles around the holidays and that since then, every time she would wake around the 3am, the candles would be on... despite the fact that the batteries had long since died! Nanny also showed me something about a cell phone and a certain strange number coming up. When I asked, she nodded to confirm that something like that was going on. A bit later during the reading her cell phone rang, she looked at me with a somewhat startled expression and said, "You may think this is crazy, but you know how you asked about my cell phone and a weird number? Well I have been getting calls from a random number, which just happens to have Nanny's birthday repeated twice in it... and it just happened again while I was sitting here!?" I didn't think it was crazy, but I was pretty damn impressed with Rose's handiwork.  She had also been experiencing some other paranormal activity at her apartment, so I offered to come investigate a few days later. The sh•t that happened (and continued to happen), now that was crazy.

DURING THE FOLLOW-UP (at the haunted apartment):  As soon as I walked in and set down my purse, it fell over and everything spilled out. My first reaction was an annoyed, "Ugh...WTF!?", until I bent down to pick everything up and found another dime... accompanied by another guardian angel coin. I kid you not. All kinds of other crap fell out as well, but not a single other coin... just a dime and an angel coin... and they could not have been the originals because I had given them to Chrissy at the first reading!?  We were both freaked out, but in a good way. She was happy that she had still been finding dimes... two at a time. She was a little sad to report, however,  that since we had met, the candles had stopped coming on in the middle of the night when she woke up (sad because this had been a comforting sign).  I explained that that particular sign took a lot of energy to pull off, so Nanny had probs taken a break now that Chrissy knew for certain that it had been her all along.  I figured out the source of her hauntings (her own psychic/intuitive abilities which attracted pesky attention-seeking Spirits, coupled with an antique mirrored wardrobe that she calls the Beast & I call Narnia because it was a straight up PORTAL to the other side were wreaking havoc, but that's another story), fielded a few more messages from Nanny about recent events, and headed out.

IN THE DAYS THAT FOLLOWED:  Chrissy texted me a picture of two dimes that showed up on her chaise lounge the next day, and happily shared that Nanny must have heard us because the battery-less candles had started lighting up again for her at 3am like clockwork. I shared that in the space of 24 hours I myself had found two dimes twice (once in the bottom of another bag and once in my daughter's driveway) ... and that some annoying instrumental song had come up on my playlist as I was adding her address to my contacts, and when I looked to see what song it was, the title was "Finding Rose"!?  FOR REALZ.

What might this mean for you? If you are having similar experiences and still wondering about the origin of the things you are seeing or finding, unless you believe in the dime fairy (in which case you should definitely believe in your loved ones), there is no explanation other than the obvious: they are signs. End of story. Next question, please.

P.S. As I was typing this blog post, I received this text (shown above) from a recent client... which I of course took as a SIGN! ;P

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