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After wanting to know how or when I became a medium, people often ask what it’s like to be a medium or what a typical day is like. How do you sleep? Do they wake you up at night? How do you get anything done? Do you see dead people everywhere you look? Are you surrounded all day, every day? When I sat down to respond to these questions for this blog post, the first thing that popped into my mind was Forrest Gump’s famous quote, “Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you’re gonna get ”, because there truly is no typical day when you spend as much time with the dead as you do the living. That being said, I’m hoping the following explanation and examples will give you an idea of what it’s like to live between two worlds.

To start with, I should explain that I deal with not just your friends and relatives, but other types of spirit entities as well over the course of any given day.  I do not see “ghosts” (earthbound spirits) or “spirits” (the term often used for those souls who have crossed over) 24/7, and I still do the routine things that I always did relatively unimpeded, but some days walking the dog or running errands can be interesting to say the least. It takes a ton of energy for both ghosts and spirits to make themselves “solid” enough to be seen (aka an apparition), so I usually just get tingles on my head or elsewhere, which lets me know that someone from the Spirit World is present and would like to communicate. At that point, I tune in and see them as a projected mental image. Less often, if they are earthbound (usually because they are confused or "stuck in a loop”, or have decided not to cross over for one reason or another… more on that phenomenon in a future post) they may appear more solid in form simply because they are on the same plane, or “closer”. This also happens when spirits who have crossed over come closer to pay me (or anyone who has “seen a ghost”) a visit.  They do this when they know someone will be able to see them, which means I run into them or “see dead people” a lot more often than most of you, who may have seen your deceased family member(s) or some random spirit at the foot of the bed once or twice.

As for the sleep question, Spirit has no concept of time so, while I’ve always been an early riser, some days I wake up too early even for me... usually thanks to someone’s overzealous family member who is eager to get the show on the road.  I’ve gotten much better at turning it off/tuning out at night and, for the most part I can put them off with a gentle “It’s 2am... please come back in a few hours”, but some (mothers in particular) do not give up as easily, and badger me the same way that they did you when you refused to eat your vegetables as a child. My colleague’s mother is a perfect example. The moment Shari scheduled a reading with me, her mom, Ruthie, had my head tingling and was clearly ready to roll. I was trying to teach a class, so I ignored her.  Enthusiastic (and completely undeterred), she tried to get my attention all evening and finally woke me in the middle of the night with a loud “MAZALTOV!” I thanked her for letting me know that she was Jewish, put the pillow over my head, and went back to sleep.  Needless to say, she talked my ear off the next morning during my daily meditation and message session. I listened and wrote it all down in my sparkly notebook so I wouldn’t forget anything when I met with Shari and her sister a few days later.  Ruthie had plenty to add that day as well, of course. P.S. None of Ruthie’s behavior surprised Shari or her sister in the least. Lol.

I am, on occasion, surprised by the presence of a ghost or spirit who really wants to get my attention when I’m out and about. One of the more memorable instances was when I stopped at the dry cleaner to get my wedding dress hemmed, and I encountered a rather angry (rude!) Korean spirit.  I was in the cramped corner dressing room, trying to take my dress off without getting stuck by a pin, when I heard someone yelling in another language. I thought it was the woman at the front desk yelling at her husband in the back of the store... until I turned around and there was an irate female spirit front and center, who was definitely yelling at me!?  I mentally communicated the fact that although I do speak four languages, Korean is not one of them, so she’d have to calm down and show me what I needed to know if she wanted my help. My next dilemma: how to approach the unsuspecting tailor (whose English I would describe as better than the guy who owns the liquor store, but worse than the lady who owns the nail salon) and explain that her dead sister or friend (my best guess based on what I’d seen and heard so far) was here with a message for her. I considered tuning her out, taking my receipt and bolting for the door, but this lady wasn’t giving up and, frankly, I didn’t feel like dealing with her in the car on the way home or when I returned to pick up the dress. So I gave in.

Our conversation went something like this:

ME:  “I recently heard someone yelling something in Korean and was wondering if you could tell me what it means.”

UNSUSPECTING TAILOR (UT):  “Who yelling? What you hear?”

ME: “It sounded like ‘Jin-Ja’ or ‘Chin-cha’, followed by ‘Ya!  Ya!’... Could that be a name, or maybe a phrase?”

UT: “That no name. Who yell it?”

ME (deciding to approach it from a different angle): “Do you by chance have a sister... ”

UT (cutting me off before I could add “or a friend who recently died?”)
“Of course I have sister. Everybody have sister.” (I don’t, for the record, but that’s irrelevant) “Where she live?”

ME: “Well the thing is, she isn’t exactly living…”

UT (cutting me off again… I was beginning to see that these two had similar communication styles): “Where she live?! Korea? Here?”

ME (pointing at the ceiling): “Ummm… Heaven?” (I then explained as best I could that I talk to dead people for a living).

UT (nonplussed): “How you know she dead?”

ME: “Well, she’s right next to you and I can see and hear her but you can’t, soooo…”

UT: “What her name?”

ME: “Let me ask her… I think it’s Something-Sue.”

UT: (recognition beginning to dawn): JUNG SOO??? What she look like? She tall?”

ME: “Taller than you or me (we are both about 5’2”), but I wouldn’t call her tall… thin, pretty.”

UT: “What she do?”

ME: “She’s pointing at the sewing machine over there.”

UT (eyes wide): “She a TAILOR?! How she die?”

ME: “She’s not saying, but I think something was wrong with her brain.”

UT (eyes wider still):  ”It is Jung-Soo!!! She yelling at you?”

ME: “She was yelling at first, but I think just so you’d know it was her… she’s calm now. Did she die near Easter?”

UT: “Yes. She my church friend. She not die natural. We all very sad. Very worry.”

ME: “Well she’s smiling now because you know it’s her and that she is okay. That’s why she showed up today… she knew I would be able to see and hear her. She’s wearing a pink shirt and riding a bicycle in a place that looks like Korean heaven. Please tell everyone at church that she is in heaven and doing just fine. What was she yelling by the way?”

UT (looking sheepish): “Oh… that not very nice… I so sorry.”

I left, just a tad concerned that my dress might at that very moment be in a barrel out back being burned because the unsuspecting tailor had decided that I was a witch... but I also couldn’t wait to get home and tell Scott that I may or may not have just been cussed out in Korean by a belligerent spirit… yet another first in my new normal.

Before becoming a professional psychic medium, Beth taught high school French, Spanish, Italian and ESOL. In addition to conducting mediumship and general psychic readings across the country and abroad, she is also conducts paranormal investigations and offers psychic development mentoring for adults and children. Her book,
Madame Medium: Unleash Your Inner Psychic with a French Teacher Turned Psychic Medium , was written to help others uncover and hone their own intuitive abilities. Beth lives just outside of Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, Scott, their dog, Waffle, and their resident house spirit.

To learn more about Beth, her book, and the other services that she offers, visit bethparkermedium.com


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